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Nutrition and Food Supply Management (Bachelor's)

Our students benefit from a broad base of scientific, engineering and economic knowledge in the food industry and restaurant trade: from development to production to the sale of dishes. Over five semesters, they take an in-depth look at the areas of health and nutrition, food supply management or food quality, development and product management.


Academic qualification

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Duration of studies

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions



Food, Nutrition and Management: Course content

On the job market, there is a great demand for professionals with applied knowledge of food production, analytics, quality assurance, health, economics, as well as business management and law. These are the requirements on which we based the seven-semester 'Nutrition and Food Supply Management' course.

The way that Triesdorf brings together agricultural production, processing, trade and catering offers students a unique opportunity to experience the areas of nutrition and supply across the entire value chain of food production.

You will spend the first two semesters learning the fundamentals of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and economics, and will receive an initial introduction into the specifics of nutrition. The third and fourth semesters will focus on specific vocational knowledge relating to food and nutrition, catering and supply, law and society, business management and organisation, quality assurance and management, and communication. Cross-subject projects will help you to take an interdisciplinary approach to work and acquire key skills.

A practical training semester follows in the fifth semester. This lasts for 20 weeks and includes classes to accompany the practical work (e.g. speech and presentation techniques, negotiating and leading discussions). The in-depth study in the sixth and seventh study semesters helps you to deepen and expand your professional and methodical skills in the following areas:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Food supply management
  • Quality, development and product management of food

Allowing students to choose their focus enables them to accommodate their personal interests and individual career goals. This is the part of the programme in which students work on interdisciplinary projects and case studies. The high number of classes outside students’ selected focal areas increases professional flexibility and expertise for graduates.

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Nutrition Mangement students in the HSWT test kitchen


Course structure of the Food Management course at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf Universty of Applied Sciencess

The course balances both theory and practical elements. Besides specialised knowledge, an integrated curriculum also gives students the opportunity to gain social and methodological skills to enhance their personal development. Particular value is placed on team work in interdisciplinary classes and projects.

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  • 1st semester

    1. Anatomie & Physiologie des Menschen
    2. Chemie
    3. Grundlagen der Ökonomie
    4. Datenverarbeitung
    5. Wirtschaftsmathematik
    6. Physik
  • 2nd semester

    1. Statistik & Marktforschung
    2. Lebensmittelmikrobiologie
    3. Lebensmitteltechnologie
    4. Haushalts- & Konsumökonomie
    5. Lebensmittelchemie
    6. Marketing
    1. 3rd semester

      1. Bedarfsgegenstände & Werkstoffe
      2. Biochemie
      3. Qualitätswesen
      4. Rechnungswesen
      5. Hygiene & Toxikologie
      1. 4th semester

        1. Ernährungslehre
        2. Technik im Haushalt
        3. Wirtschaftsinformatik I
        4. Ernährungsmedizin
        5. Recht
        1. 5th semester

          1. Practical training semester including accompanying courses
        2. 6th semester

          1. Study project
          1. 7th semester

            1. Bachelor's Thesis
            2. Core subject module - Ernährung & Gesundheit
            3. Core subject module - Versorgungsmanagement
            4. Core subject module - Qualität, Entwicklung & Produktmanagement der Lebensmittel
            1. Module handbooks

              Please note that the module handbooks are updated at the beginning of each semester. The applicable module handbooks for any given semester are the handbooks published at the beginning of that semester.

              Nutrition and food supply management degree programme modules

              1. Modulhandbuch für Prüfungsordnung WS 2016/17

              Triesdorf Language Centre modules

              1. Modulhandbuch Sprachenzentrum

              Required elective modules for all degree programmes in Triesdorf

              1. Modulhandbuch Wahlpflichtmodule
            Students classifying food


            Career prospects

            Graduates of the bachelor’s degree programme in Nutrition and Food Supply Management can look forward to attractive professional prospects in all nutrition- and catering-related sectors of the economy and public services:

            • product development & quality control in the foodstuffs, drinks & tobacco industry
            • management tasks in the foodstuffs sector, in large-scale catering, care institutions, hotels and tourist facilities as well as in catering and system gastronomy
            • nutritional education & advice in public and private institutions
            • quality management, marketing & market research in the foodstuffs sector & in trade
            • consumer protection.
            Graduate Stefan Karakostas,  Production Manager at Hans Henglein & Sohn GmbH

            "Nutrition and Food Supply Management is similar to nutritional science, in that it deals with the entire breadth of the food chain, health and nutrition, as well as catering. The course met all my expectations and gave me all the basic skills I needed for my current career."

            Stefan Karakostas, Production Manager at Hans Henglein & Sohn GmbH

            Regina Schober, Graduate of the Nutrition and Food Supply Management course in Triesdorf

            "I’d study in Triesdorf again in an instant, because they teach such a wide range of topics, including in several practical placements. The course is very practice-focused and geared towards the needs of the industry. Many employers hold this industrial capability in high regard."

            Regina Schober, Graduate of the Nutrition and Food Supply Management course

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            Study Food Management as a course with intensive practical work

            The course with intensive practical work (Studium mit vertiefter Praxis) allows you to gain practical experience in food management with a cooperating company during breaks and in the practical semester. These practical activities focus on the later field of employment for the work-study course graduates in Nutrition and Food Supply Management. You also work on company-specific issues in projects or as part of your bachelor's dissertation.

            Advantages of the course with intensive practical work:

            • high level of practical experience (over 40 weeks)
            • immediate professional skills in your field after graduation
            • very good career entry opportunities
            • continual remuneration

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            • Organisation & time schedule

              The course with intensive practical work corresponds to the regular Nutrition and Food Supply Management bachelor's programme in terms of content and timing. If your are interested in the work-study course, you can apply to companies in the nutrition and food supply management sector during the foundation course. The university will help with this.

              The first practical experience should be gained as early as the summer semester break following the second study semester. In order to join the study programme with intensive practical work, the first practical session should take place after the fourth study semester at the latest. Agreements should be handed in no later than eight weeks before the start of each practical session. It is possible to enter a working relationship with the relevant company once your studies end.

            • Course structure

            • Legal affairs

              The following requirements apply for the course with intensive practical work

              • an agreement between the work-study course student and the training company (education agreement)
              • a cooperation agreement between the training company and the university
              • training remuneration for the entire duration of the work-study course, as a general rule
              • a training relationship subject to social security obligations, as a general rule
            • Application

              Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf:

              1.  participation in the standard application process
              1.  application as of the beginning of May until 15 July
              2.  online and by post

              Training company:

              1.  Application during the first two semesters
            • Cooperation partner

              GESOCA – Kantine gesund fördern

              Am Tafelacker 15

              90556 Seukendorf

              T +49 17 33 53 33 90

            • Downloadable documents

              1. Cooperation agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung)
              1. Sample agreement (Musterbildungsvertrag SmvP)
            • Contact for the course with intensive practical work


            Requirements for an application to the Nutrition and Food Supply course

            There are no admission restrictions in terms of NC (numerus clausus).

            Information on the general admission requirements is available here.

            You should also bring:

            • Willingness to learn and work, motivation and professional curiosity, but also team spirit
            • A pre-study internship of at least four weeks in a company in the foodstuffs or supply sector (this is not required for Fachoberschule graduates specialising in nutrition and food supply management or technology and the agricultural industry or for applicants with practical training in nutrition and food supply)

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            Food Supply Management students in a laboratory in Triesdorf

            What makes us the right choice for you

            • Our teaching is practical, comprehensive and up-to-date.
            • The interdisciplinary expertise of our nutrition specialists in all areas is unique in Bavaria, and makes them highly sought-after experts in industry, economy and trade, and in quality management, marketing and market research.
            • The degree programme is also offered as a work-study course with intensive practical work.


            Do you have questions which have not been answered here?

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            how we can help:

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