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Wanted: people interested in contributing to regional development

On account of mountain regions' specific ecological, cultural and economic characteristics, regional development in those areas is subject to unusual risks but also unique opportunities. Located at the heart of Europe, the Alps are a fascinating mountainous region where the interplay between nature, land use, society and politics makes for extremely interesting studying. This "masters of the Alps" course combines these interdisciplinary analyses with skills and tools for the practical implementation of regional development projects. Graduates are equipped to initiate, plan and successfully implement sustainable development transcending sectoral and political borders.

Click here to read a description of the programme in 'AFZ/Der Wald' and here to read an interview with first-year students in 'Waldforschung aktuell' (both in German).

Skills and expertise

Masters of the Alps are able to think and act in a way which transcends sectors with a strong focus on solutions.

In order to achieve the teaching goals set, the following skills are taught:

  • specialist knowledge in landscape ecology, land use and regional policy
  • linking this knowledge into interdisciplinary, cross-sector planning
  • analysis of natural and economic key data
  • analysis and visualisation of spatial circumstances
  • project development, planning and management
  • facilitation of interdisciplinary project groups
  • stakeholder management
  • conflict management and mediation

Career prospects

Graduates are able to combine their disciplinary background with the ability to understand the thought processes and methods of the different stakeholders and sectors and to bring them together as part of joint projects. This enables them to apply their skills and expertise to current regional policy-related problems and take on management and leadership roles in the following areas:

  • project development and management (ERDF, Leader, Life, etc.)
  • regional development
  • value-added chains
  • regional policy
  • natural hazard management
  • management of natural parks/protected areas
  • wildlife management
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Lawine am Breitzug (Schweiz)

Course structure

Standard study period

The course is completed in three full-time semesters. As such, students acquire at least 90 EC points.

Course start and schedule

The course can be started in the winter semester and the summer semester. The summer semester is spent entirely in Weihenstephan and the winter semester in Zollikofen. The third semester is reserved exclusively for the master's thesis. The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences offers sponsorship opportunities for the semester abroad at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL). Accommodation can be arranged by the Swiss university if an application is made in good time.

Students enrol at one of the partner locations and study there until the end of the course. If the study location changes, it is not necessary to re-enrol as it is organised as an exchange semester.


Courses at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences are taught in German, however at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) they are taught in English. As part of the Intercultural Skills module at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, students get the opportunity to improve their English skills.

Scholarship opportunities in Switzerland

Here you can find an overview of the circumstances under which you may be awarded a scholarship in Switzerland (in German).

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