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Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr Stefan Brunnert introduces the degree programme (slides and audio, in German):

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At a glance

Academic qualification

Master of Science

Duration of studies

3 semesters (90 ECTS credits)

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required) / English


Weihenstephan | Freising (near Munich)

Programme start date

Winter and summer semester

Admission restrictions



Applications must be made online. Applications must also be made in printed format by the end of the application period. The application period for the summer semester runs from the beginning of December until 15 January and for the winter semester from the beginning of May until 15 July. 

To find out the deadline by which applicants must submit their bachelor’s certificate, please check the general information about applications.

The largest upheaval in energy supply thus far has begun with the introduction of the energy transition in Germany: nuclear phase-out will make history in 2022 and the fossil-fuel phase-out is currently in preparation. The complete conversion of the electricity, heating and mobility consumption sectors to renewable energies is a topic that will keep us occupied for decades to come. Germany aims to become the leading market for renewable energy. This will create business opportunities for innovative companies in a national, European and international setting. Several of these young and dynamic companies are also involved in the course of this Master's degree programme. Find out more about the practical relevance of this programme here.

Because of this, there is a large need for highly qualified workers who not only have specialist knowledge in renewable energy and the energy market in general, but who work well in a business environment and can take on leadership and management tasks in a national and international setting.
In summary: this degree programme is for a Master's degree with a comprehensive understanding of the technical, economic, legal and political backgrounds for developing renewable energies and in which managerial skills are at the forefront.

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