Management of Renewable Energies

Management of Renewable Energies

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7 semesters

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German (proof of proficiency is required)



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Winter semester

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This bachelor's degree programme Management of Renewable Energies (ME) is delivered under the auspices of both the Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems (AE) and the Department of Forestry (WF). In the degree programme, you will receive varied education and training in the production and use/conversion into energy of biomass and other sources of renewable energy, and also acquire economic and ecological expertise. As a graduate from this degree programme, you will therefore have excellent employment prospects in an area with future potential.

Fossil raw materials and fuels are finite, and their use results in harmful emissions and environmental pollution. As a result also of favourable political developments, renewable energy has grown in importance and developed into a fast-expanding sector of the economy. As a graduate, you will work at the interface between engineers/technicians on the one hand and investors in/users of these installations on the other. The bachelor's degree is conceived as an independent professional qualification. As a student on this programme, you will become familiar with the physical, engineering, and scientific aspects of the most important renewable energy processes and also acquire expertise in their economics.



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