Agriculture (Weihenstephan)

Agriculture (Weihenstephan)

At a glance

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions


Course content

The challenges for the future are securing an adequate supply of food and providing the necessary energy for a growing world population. There is therefore a need for university graduates with practical skills and expertise in the agricultural sector.

In this degree programme in agriculture, you will closely study the primary production of food of plant and animal origin, economic and business issues in individual production areas, and the entire range of agricultural businesses.

In the compulsory modules in the first three semesters up to the start of the practical training semester, you will acquire a sound grounding in science, economics and business administration, and agriculture. The practical education and training in the fourth semester take the form of a practical off-campus semester. In the fifth semester, you can specialise and extend yours skills and expertise in one of three areas: agricultural economics, livestock production, and crop production. As graduates of this degree programme in agriculture, you will have the required skills and expertise to take on management roles across the many fields of the agricultural economy, i.e. both in the practice of agriculture and in various employment in businesses that supply agricultural producers or process their products.



Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Fakultät Nachhaltige Agrar- und Energiesysteme
Am Staudengarten 1
85354 Freising

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