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Foodstuff Management

Foodstuff Management connects business administration and management with the food production process from agriculture, over manufacturing processes to retail. Read more ...

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7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



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Winter semester

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Over seven semesters, students taking the bachelor’s degree programme in Foodstuff Management acquire specialist knowledge of the food industry. Close collaboration between the agricultural and food processing sectors is essential for good food. In Triesdorf, you can gain an in-depth insight into how the production of agricultural raw materials and the manufacture of high-quality food are intrinsically linked. The way in which the course teaches you to reflect on the process as a whole particularly helps you to develop an understanding of quality management, sustainability and traceability in the food chain.

The wide range of topics covered by the course prepares you well for starting a career with a food manufacturer, food manufacturer supplier or commercial enterprise. The degree programme qualifies you to work in the fields of procurement, production, quality assurance, product development, management, marketing and sales.

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