Landscape Construction and Management

Landscape Construction and Management

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7 semesters

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German (proof of proficiency is required)



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Winter semester

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The Landscape Construction and Management (LBM) degree programme developed out of the classical field of landscape architecture as a separate area of study combining engineering and management. This combined undergraduate degree programme is unique in the European university landscape. The primary aim of the degree programme is to enable you to acquire specialist knowledge and skills in the implementation of design plans from an engineering perspective. Management expertise and economic and subject-specific aspects also play a key role.
In this innovative engineering degree programme with a management and economic focus you will receive education and training to be a site manager with environmental and resource skills and also acquire particular expertise and skills in project and business management.
During study projects, you will learn and practise application-based project management techniques and learn how to solve landscape construction problems and develop and practise working in a team, acting as a moderator, and negotiating skills. The study projects will also enable you to develop and practise different engineering and organisational approaches to project implementation. Potential employers include firms specialising in the construction of gardens, landscapes, and sports grounds, civil engineering companies, consultancy businesses, housing associations, public services, authorities for, for example, gardens and green spaces, water management offices, and specialist firms involved in, for example, site restoration or engineering biology.



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