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Water Technology

Water Technology

...where one engages 'with water [...] in its various forms.'

Prof. Dr Stephan Schädlich introduces the degree programme (slides and audio, in German):

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At a glance

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions


Course content

More water, more climate, more environment, more energy, more digitalisation, more practical application, more enjoyment in studying and less ballast – these are the keywords we used to modernise and make our water degree programme, which has been running for 10 years, fit for the future.

From the supply of our most vital foodstuff to health and environmental protection to the treatment and re-use of waste water right through to climate change adaptation strategies focusing on flash floods, floods, urban climate and sustainable agriculture: the topic of water is multifaceted and fascinating while at the same time posing many technical, economic and social challenges for the next generation of engineers over the coming decades.

As well as providing a technical foundation, the new bachelor’s degree programme in Water Technology aims to provide students with motivation and creativity in facing these challenges.

The whole range of 'water subjects' is presented in the first two semesters, complemented by the mathematical and scientific fundamentals, in exciting learning formats such as excursions, practicals and computer modelling.

After a phase of technical specialisation in all areas of water management, the programme continues with teams of students working on their own practical engineering projects. Teaching staff are on hand to assist the student, who also have access to state-of-the-art laboratories, hardware and software, and a tight-knit professional network of companies, engineering offices, associations and technical authorities.

All in all, the Water Technology degree programme not only offers its graduates the optimal basis for entering into a secure and qualified career, but also for living a life full of enjoyment thanks to meaningful work with good prospects for the future.

After all, one thing is for certain:
Water is life and the water necessary for life is becoming ever scarcer.

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