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Professional fields

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree programme in Nutrition and Food Supply Management can look forward to attractive professional prospects in all nutrition- and catering-related sectors of the economy and public services:

  • product development and quality control in the foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco industry
  • management tasks in the foodstuffs sector, in large-scale catering, care institutions, hotels and tourist facilities as well as in catering and system gastronomy
  • nutritional education and advice in public and private institutions
  • quality management, marketing and market research in the foodstuffs sector and in trade
  • consumer protection.

Course structure and content

You will spend the first two semesters learning the fundamentals of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and economics and will receive an initial introduction into the specifics of nutrition.

The third and fourth semesters will focus on specific vocational knowledge relating to foodstuffs and nutrition, catering and supply, law and society, business management and organisation, quality assurance and management, and communication. Cross-subject projects will help you to take an interdisciplinary approach to work and acquire key skills.

The fifth semester is the practical training semester. This lasts for 20 weeks and includes classes to accompany the practical work (e.g. speaking and presentation techniques, negotiating and leading discussions). An operational report and a technical report must be compiled during the practical semester. The practical training semester concludes with a colloquium.
You will then complete a structured questionnaire about your internship (see Appendix 5.20). This aims to further improve quality when assigning future internship placements.

The in-depth study in the sixth and seventh study semesters helps you to deepen and expand your professional and methodical skills in the following areas:

    • nutrition and health
    • food supply management
    • food quality, development and product management.

    Allowing students to choose their focus enables them to accommodate their personal interests and career goals. This section of the course focuses in particular on cross-subject project and case studies. The high number of classes outside students’ selected focal areas increases professional flexibility for graduates.

    What we offer

    • Practice-orientated study with a broad basic knowledge combined with in-depth study of three chosen areas
    • An academic qualification with very good career prospects and only seven semesters of study
    • Foreign languages (with certificate) and a range of other ‘soft skills’
    • Opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a partner university or take part in a work placement overseas
    • After completing the course and gaining their Bachelor of Science, particularly qualified graduates can begin a master’s programme.


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