Bioprocess Informatics

Bioprocess Informatics

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Academic qualification

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions


Course content

At present, there is scarcely a field of knowledge as dynamic as biology and the use of information technology to process it. This practice is known as bioprocess informatics.

Bioprocess information scientists combine the disciplines of biology, informatics and engineering. They work beyond the confines of biotechnology and are also capable of developing, controlling and optimising innovative biotechnological processes, such as those used in the brewing industry, food industry and medicine.

As a bioprocess information scientist, you will use your skills to analyse and simulate both industrial and natural bioprocesses, and thereby make a decisive contribution to the sustainability of life on our planet.


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