Module studies

Since 2011, universities have been permitted to offer partial qualifications in degree programmes by allowing students to follow module studies. This enables individuals interested in studying to have a gradual, flexible introduction into a degree programme or to gain professionally relevant academic skills without immediately having to commit to a full degree programme and the duration of study that this entails.

Students studying module studies may take individual undergraduate or postgraduate modules. Since the modules are taken from an existing degree programme, students automatically gain the relevant number of ECTS credits on successful completion of the module examination. If the student subsequently begins studying for a full degree, these credits are generally recognised and count towards the qualification. This means that module studies enable students to start and continue degrees gradually by accumulating credits.

Module studies normally last one semester but may be longer if the module(s) taken last(s) for more than one semester. Students taking module studies are enrolled with the university and required to pay the semester fee throughout their period of study.
Modules on courses with admission restrictions may not be studied.

The modules available to choose from are generally published by the university every semester.

Module studies are intended for the following target groups:

  • professionals wishing to acquire university-level knowledge relevant to their careers
  • individuals interested in higher education who would like to try out courses before applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme, for example
  • individuals looking to return to work or prepare for a career change after taking a career break (e.g. parental leave).

The admission requirements are the same as those for the degree programme to which the module belongs; applicants must be able to prove that they meet any special prerequisites needed to take a module.

Those wishing to complete modules forming part of a master’s degree programme must be able to demonstrate that they fulfil the general requirements for studying master’s courses.


To be accepted onto module studies, students must fulfil the same qualification and admission requirements as those for the degree programme to which the module(s) in question belong(s). Please refer to the section entitled Admission requirements on the Application page of our website.

If you gained your higher education entrance qualification outside of Germany, please find out in good time whether it is recognised. Information on this is also available on the Application page.

If you are not of German nationality, you must be able to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the German language by presenting an approved language certificate (approved examinations).

Students applying for module studies are not required to complete a preliminary work placement.

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Applying for module studies

Module studies may be started at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science in either the winter or summer semester.

Students must take at least one compulsory module in each of their semesters of study. Please apply online for the degree programme to which the compulsory module you wish to study belongs. If you are interested in multiple compulsory modules from different degree programmes, please apply for just one of the degree programmes in question and for all modules that you wish to study (including modules from different degree programmes).

You will also need to fill in and attach a form to your application in which you list all the modules you wish to take including their module number.

The module names and numbers can be found in the list of modules offered (see Legal basis).

All applications for the winter semester must be received by the university by 15 July, and for the summer semester by 15 January. Please submit your printed application form, the form listing the modules you wish to take and a certified copy of your higher education entrance qualification to the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences by this date. To meet the deadline, applications must arrive at the university by this date. Applications received after this date but with a postmark dated on or before the day of the deadline will not be accepted.

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Dates and times of the modules offered

If they are already known, the dates and times of the individual modules are included in the list of modules offered (see Legal basis). However, please note that any dates listed here are provisional and subject to change prior to the start of the semester.

If you have any questions about the dates and times of any specific modules, please get in touch with the contact named in the list of modules or email modulstudium [at]

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Contributions and fees

As fully registered students, students taking module studies are required to pay the semester fees in full. More detailed information on the payment of the semester fee can be found in your admission letter. Please note that you will only be issued with your Student.Card (multi-functional student identity card) once your payment has been received.

The semester fee amount differs between the Weihenstephan and Triesdorf campuses, and depends on the location of the degree programme to which the module being applied for belongs.

Further details are available in the section on Financial information.



Further information

Students are registered for the duration of the module studies. If you have chosen a module that lasts one semester, you will be registered for one semester. In such cases, in order to continue your module studies with additional modules in the following semester, you must re-register and reapply. If you are taking a module that lasts two semesters, you can simply renew your registration for the following (second) semester.

Students who need to take resits must re-register for the module studies. For guidance, please contact the principal area for academic affairs (studium [at]

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