Restricted admission (numerus clausus - NC)

Restricted admission is not by a set grade established by the university but by rolling threshold grades, with the grade of the last admitted applicant becoming the grade for restricted admission.


What is the address for me to send my application papers?

For degree programmes on the Weihenstephan campus:

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Am Hofgarten 4

85354 Freising

For degree programmes on the Triesdorf campus:

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Markgrafenstr. 16

91746 Weidenbach

Where can I hand in my application papers in person?

You can hand in your application papers at Student.Service at both campuses during office hours.

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Online application

Please don't just apply online via our applicant portal, but print out the application and checklist, sign it and send it to us in the post before the deadline along with the documents required.

An application made exclusively online is not valid.

You'll see whether your printed application has been received and processed in the status message on your personal page in the applicant portal.

This will change from "eingegangen" ("received") to "in Bearbeitung" ("being processed") and subsequently to "gültig" ("validated", courses with admission restrictions) or "zugelassen" ("approved", courses with no admission restrictions).

Please check your status and the "Informationen für den Bewerber" ("information for applicants") on a regular basis.

Application processing for courses with admission restrictions for the first semester (new students) closes at the beginning of August.

Can I apply for several courses?

You can apply for a maximum of 12 courses via our applicant portal.

It is in your own interest to only apply for those (few) courses which you have looked into sufficiently (e.g. at which campus is the course offered? Is prior work experience required? Which modules/subjects are taught? What career opportunities does it offer me? Does the course suit my interests?). Depending on the course, there are always scientific basics required (mathematics, physics, chemistry) and these are also taught and tested in the first semesters.

The course guidance service is available to take any questions you may have on this.

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I only receive my certificate in July. It is possible to apply in May or June if I haven't received it yet?

If you still haven't received your higher education entrance qualification or don't know your exact grade yet, you can still apply (from around May onwards).

However, please make sure that you enter the type of higher education entrance qualification in the applicant portal (Abitur at a Gymnasium [German equivalent to A-level at a grammar school]): 03, Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical college entrance qualification) at an upper secondary vocational school: 66 etc., see selection box). The grade and date can stay blank at first.

Please make sure you submit your certificate to us by 27/07 (we must receive it by this date). Your grade will then be added. You can (and should) check this entry in the applicant portal under "HZB".

Applicants with no HZB (higher education entrance qualification) grade or date entered will not be processed and will be excluded.

If the application deadlines have been extended for bachelor's courses with no admission restrictions, the extended application deadline is also valid as the final deadline for submitting the higher education entrance qualification.

I have several higher education entrance qualifications; which should I provide?

If you have several higher education entrance qualifications, e.g. Fachhochschulreife (FHR) (advanced technical college entrance qualification) and Abitur (A-level equivalent) at an upper secondary vocational school, you can decide which certificate you attach to your application. If you provide us with several higher education entrance qualifications and don't make a decision, we will base our decision on the first one you acquired.

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What does the phrase "keine Auswirkung" mean in the portal window "fehlende Unterlagen"/ "fehlende Unterlagen zum Fach"?

If there are documents missing, you'll see this in the portal window "fehlende Unterlagen" ("missing documents") or "fehlende Unterlagen zum Fach" ("missing documents in your subject").

If the missing documents do not provide grounds for your application to be excluded, it will be followed by the phrase "keine Auswirkungen" ("no implications"). However, bear in mind that these documents must be provided by the time your course begins, as otherwise your enrolment will be cancelled.

Under some circumstances, your preliminary work placement is only checked after you have enrolled. It is in your own interests to ensure that you've completed this by the time you enrol too. Failing to provide evidence of a preliminary work placement is another reason for your enrolment to be cancelled.

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I am going abroad/on holiday after applying. How can I be kept up-to-date?

The best-case scenario is that you'll have internet access when you're abroad/on holiday. That way you can check your application status yourself. If that isn't possible, you'll have to instruct somebody you trust to do this for you. As it's not possible for us to detect who is doing this for you, any errors made by your representative are at your own detriment (e.g. missed enrolment deadlines, enrolling for the "wrong" course or other similar incidents).



Applying for higher semesters

Applications for higher semesters are possible in the summer and winter semester.

The application is made via the applicant portal for Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

Alongside the online application, our university must receive a correct printed application with all required documents by the deadline. Only then is it possible for the application to be processed.

Whether or not it's possible to start the desired semester is decided by the regulatory committee responsible for the respective course. As a result, the university cannot provide any binding information in advance on which semesters it's possible to be admitted into or which study and test achievements will be taken into account.

It is not possible to begin at a higher semester if the courses with admission restrictions have already exceeded the fixed number of study places available. It's likely that you can only expect a decision on this (approval or rejection) in September (for the winter semester) or March (for the summer semester).

As a precaution, please apply for the first semester as well, particularly if you're applying to courses with admission restrictions.

Please note: if we do not receive a completed and signed application for entitlement, including proof of achievement, grade sheet and curriculum from your previous course, we will be unable to process your application for a higher semester.

Please also enclose any other required documents (e.g. higher education entrance qualification, preliminary test documentation [VPD] if required, CV in table form, certificate of de-registration from previous educational institute, certificate from preliminary work placement).

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What are "Hochschulsemester"?

"Hochschulsemester" (university semesters) are all the semesters that students have been/are enrolled at a German university for. University semesters include all of a course's subject-related semesters, as well as semesters spent on another course of study, e.g. after changing study course. Also included are semesters on leave and semesters spent completing a second course of study.

Please only provide details of other courses of study under "weitere Angaben" ("other information") in the applicant portal if they took place in Germany.

What is meant by "Wartezeit"?

In courses with admission restrictions, a certain percentage of the available study places are awarded according to the criterion of "Wartezeit" (wait time).

This gives the best chance of a study place to those that have waited for the highest number of semesters. This means the number of semesters which have passed since they obtained their higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) and in which they were not enrolled at a German university.

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Does the number of semesters I've waited for improve my grades?

No, they do not improve by 0.1 per semester waited, for example.

With regard to courses with admission restrictions, there are several ranking lists you are placed on:

if you do not belong to a particular group of applicants (e.g. professionally qualified, applicant for a second course of study), you'll be placed on both the ranking list "higher education entrance qualification grades" and the "wait time" list. A maximum of 16 waiting semesters will be taken into consideration.

Your chances of being awarded a university place are higher, the better your grades are or the more waiting semesters you've accumulated.

If you have carried out volunteer work (national voluntary service, voluntary social year or similar) and submit a certificate of this to us, you will be placed in front of those with the same grade as you or the same wait time on the respective ranking list.

Applicants younger than 18

Applicants who are not yet 18 years old when they apply must enclose a consent form completed by their parent or legal guardian. We provide a form for this here.

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Forgotten password/user ID

I've forgotten my password for the applicant portal. What can I do?

Please go to the applicant portal homepage.

Click on "Passwort vergessen?" ("Forgotten password?", under the "Anmelden" ["register"] button).

Give your user ID on the following page and answer the security question. Confirm this by clicking "weiter" ("next"). Make sure you note down the security code. You'll receive an email with a link at the email address you provided when you applied. Please click on this link.

On the page that opens, you'll be able to assign a new password after entering the security code you noted down previously.

Please note that the link is only valid for a limited period of time (24 hours).

I can't get a new password, because I've forgotten my user ID too. What can I do?

Please send us an email (from the email address you registered with on the applicant portal) at: [at]

Please provide us with your first name, surname, date of birth and applicant number if possible (not your Hochschulstart ID).


Is it absolutely essential to provide the required documents listed in the letter of admission when you enrol?

It would be helpful for the documents to be provided when you enrol. However, if there is a valid reason for this not being possible, the missing documents can be handed in by the start of the course. The exact deadline can be found on your letter of admission.

What shall I do if I am unable to enrol by the deadline?

As enrolment takes place online, you can carry out your enrolment from any location with an internet connection. If you don't have internet access during the online enrolment period, you can give your access details (username and password) to someone you trust to do it on your behalf at any time.

Online enrolment

To enrol online, log in to the Application Portal, click on the button "Immatrikulation beantragen" (apply for enrolment), and confirm/complete the pages displayed.
There is no enrolment on site.

You can enrol only online.

You can then print out a provisional certificate of enrolment.

Accepting university places for courses with admission restrictions/Hochschulstart

If you've applied for one or several courses with admission restrictions and received an admission offer, you can accept this immediately in the Hochschulstart portal and then subsequently enrol in the applicant portal for Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

This way you'll have secured your university place.

Please note that the enrol button on the university's applicant portal only becomes visible when you've checked and accepted your admission offer through the Hochschulstart website.

You can also wait until the end of the dialogue-oriented process for the admission offer to convert into an admission.

If you've selected several courses with admission restrictions, please think about prioritising them, i.e. placing your preferred course in first position. If you don't do this and receive several admission offers, of which you do not accept any immediately, the first (online) application received will be placed as your first priority and will ultimately convert into an admission.

Admission offers designated to have lower priority are cancelled irrecoverably.

What does "Immatrikulation beantragt" mean on my applicant portal page?

This status information ("enrolment applied for") shows you that you've completed the enrolment process. Now you can print out a provisional enrolment certificate.

You'll receive your final study documents in the post.

If you still haven't submitted all of your documents, please do this by the submission deadline specified in the letter of admission. If any documents haven't been submitted or if the payment of the semester fee is not made successfully, this will result in your enrolment being cancelled.

If you are no longer interested in enrolling for whatever reason, please inform us of this at your earliest convenience before the semester starts in the interest of your fellow applicants. Please don't pay the semester fee if this is the case. Make sure you think through this step thoroughly. Your university place is lost for good if you decide to do this.

Documents for students

The certificates of enrolment and further information will be sent to you by post in September. You will be issued with a student card, the so-called Student.Card, at the start of the semester, provided that you have submitted all the relevant documents and a recent photograph and remitted your semester fee.

For students at the Weihenstephan campus, the Student.Card (with the logo of the local transportation authority, MVV) is valid as a semester ticket for public transportation.

Health insurance

What type of health insurance certificate do I need?

The health insurance certificate must comply with the template stipulated in the Student Health Insurance Registration Regulations. Consult the information sheet or leaflet for further details.

Your German statutory health insurance provider will issue you with the health insurance certificate.

If you have no insurance, are exempt from having insurance, or have private health insurance, please contact one of the German statutory health insurance providers with your papers and ask them to issue you with the appropriate health insurance certificate.

Programme start date

What is the date of start of studies?

Start of studies is usually on 1 October, with introductory classes. You will find the precise dates on the back of your letter of admission or at First semester.

Can I start my course in the summer semester?

For bachelor's courses, it's only possible to start in the winter semester (01/10).

It's possible to apply for a higher semester for the summer semester. This is the case if you have already studied at a university. Evidence of academic performance is required (from your old/previous course).

If you're taking a master's course, it may be possible to start in the summer semester.
You'll find information on this on the webpage of the respective master's course.

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Preliminary work placement

Is it possible to do the work placement in stages?

Depending on the degree course, the pre-placement can be carried out in several, independent parts but preferably in the same company.

What should I do if I am unable to complete my preliminary work placement before start of studies?

If there are good reasons beyond your control (e.g. military service or an existing employment contract, illness) why you are unable to complete the preliminary work placement in time, please apply in time before start of studies to the Principal Area for Academic Affairs ("Sachgebiet für Studienangelegenheiten") or the University Administration Triesdorf for an appropriate later deadline for completion, stating your reasons. Please attach the relevant proof (military service certificate, employment contract, sickness note, etc.) when applying for an extension to the deadline.

How am I covered for health insurance during my prescribed work placement?

If you are on a prescribed work placement without pay, you are usually covered under family health insurance. If this is no longer possible, then you are covered as a work placement trainee (Section 5, subsection 1 no. 10 German Social Code [SGB], Book V).

If you are on a prescribed work placement with pay, you are covered as an employee (Section 5, subsection 1 no. 1 SGB V).

If you are on a work placement abroad, you usually are not covered for health insurance and should therefore take out health insurance abroad. Please contact your statutory health insurance provider for further information.

If you have had and still have private health insurance, you should contact your insurance company regarding your insurance cover during the prescribed work placement.

Please contact your insurance company or the business where you will be on work placement if you have any questions about health insurance.

Completion of military service or a voluntary social year

What shall I do if I have received a letter of admission but now have to do military service or a voluntary social year?

In this case, you don't need to do anything this year. You must reapply next year and simply attach the letter of admission and a service certificate to your application together with the other required documents. Your place will then be reallocated to you.


How do I get a place in a student hall of residence?

Weihenstephan campus:

The Munich Student Union allocates rooms for the Weihenstephan campus. You apply online. For further information go to Studentenwerk München.

Triesdorf campus:

There are several publicly financed private student halls of residence in Triesdorf. Places in the halls of residence are allocated directly by the owners. For the addresses and telephone numbers of the owners of the halls of residence and of other landlords, please see the following list:

How can I find private accommodation?

You can find offers of private accommodation in:

Return of application documents

If your application is unsuccessful or you do not take up studies with us during the application semester, the documents you submitted will be destroyed. They will only be returned to you if you include a self-addressed return envelope with sufficient postage in your application.

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Contact (Weihenstephan)

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Referat Zulassungsangelegenheiten
Am Hofgarten 4
85354 Freising

T +49 8161 71-5592
F +49 8161 71-4987
zulassung [at]

Contact (Triesdorf)

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Referat Studienangelegenheiten
Markgrafenstr. 16
91746 Weidenbach

T +49 9826 654-103
F +49 9826 654-4103
zulassung.triesdorf [at]