Student ID card

Your student ID card is known as the Student.Card. For courses of study beginning in the winter semester, you will receive your student ID card during the introductory presentations. For courses of study beginning in the summer semester, the card is only available at the Student.Service.

You will only be issued with your Student.Card on presentation of a valid piece of personal identification.

The Student.Card also serves as the following:

  • library card for the libraries at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the Technische Universität München
  • key for the university’s access systems (IT rooms)
  • payment card for use in the canteens, cafeterias, vending machines and photocopiers in the Munich Student Union and the Triesdorf Agricultural Education Institutes
  • payment card for topping up your print account
  • registration card for using the multifunction printers at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

For students studying at the Weihenstephan campus, the Student.Card also acts as a semester ticket for public transport (= printed with the logo of the MVV – Munich's association of public transport authorities) for its entire period of validity. This is why students studying in Weihenstephan are not given their Student.Card until they have paid their semester fee.

Weihenstephan Student.Card
Triesdorf Student.Card

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IT services and login details

To use the IT services and facilities, you need your personal HSWT user ID and password. These were or will shortly be sent to you by post with your study documents (fold-out booklet).

The introductory presentation for your degree programme will provide you with an overview of the most important services and facilities available to you. You can also find out about these in advance by visiting the Computer Centre’s webpages.

To give you a brief overview, video tutorials are available on the following topics:

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Paying the semester fee

The study documents ('Leporello') that you have received or will shortly receive by post include all the information you need to pay the semester fee. For courses of study beginning in the summer semester, all of the details relating to payment are provided in your admission letter.

Please note that you will only be given your Student.Card once your payment has been received.

The semester fee amount differs between the Weihenstephan and Triesdorf campuses. Further details are also available under Financial information.

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Health insurance for new students

In order to register for the university, you must present an insurance certificate from your statutory health insurance provider on enrolment (not a membership certificate!).

This insurance certificate is made up of three pages (one certificate and two insurance registration forms) and must be submitted together with the documents needed to register for the university.
Instead of providing the aforementioned certificate and insurance registration forms, students who are privately insured must submit an exemption certificate from a statutory health insurance provider. For advice and to request such a certificate, please contact the statutory health insurance provider with which you were previously registered or (if you have never had statutory health insurance) a statutory health insurance provider of your choice.

Please contact your health insurance provider to request the required certificates.

Applicants from a country with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement including an insurance clause (among others, EU/EEA and Switzerland) can remain insured in their home country.

In this case, ask your health insurance scheme to issue a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before your departure. With that you will receive a confirmation from a statutory health insurance scheme in Freising or Triesdorf that you are exempt from statutory health insurance in Germany. This is adequate for enrolment.

Please note:
Failure to present the correct certificate and insurance registration forms (= three pages in total) or the exemption certificate will result in your registration with the university being declined, since this is a prerequisite for enrolment.

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Parking spaces

Freising campus

Parking in Freising is extremely limited. It is therefore recommended that you travel to the university by public transport, by bicycle or on foot. If you have no alternative but to travel by car, try to set up a carpool as soon as possible.

Parking spaces are available on You can find parking on Griesfeldstraße (use is currently restricted due to building works) and Gregor-Mendel-Straße, as well as on the lower part of Weihenstephan Hill in the Sauwiese car park and above and below the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan (first or second turning on the left after the road to Pappelallee). The car parks are marked on the site plan.

Only vehicles with permits are permitted to park past the access road to the Bräustüberl brewery restaurant (especially around the may tree). However, this is not the only location where the police regularly inspect parked vehicles and issue parking tickets.

Therefore, please always make sure that you only park in designated parking areas. In particular, always keep fire brigade access roads clear – doing so may save lives (including your own)!

Triesdorf campus

In Triesdorf, parking spaces are available on Staatsstraße 2411 (opposite buildings C and E), at the Milchgewinnungszentrum (Milk Production Centre) and between the Technikerschule (Technical School) and Altes Reithaus. The car parks are marked on the site plan.

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Language Centre

All information on the Language Centre and the course programme in Weihenstephan and Triesdorf is available on our web pages.

Assessment tests in Weihenstephan and Triesdorf

Assessment tests in various languages are held at both campuses at the start of every semester. You can find out more about the following here

  • online assessment tests in English for first-semester students
  • online assessment tests in French (C-Test)
  • further test formates
  • which language courses require students to take an assessment test
  • test schedule.



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Contact (Weihenstephan)

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
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Am Hofgarten 4
85354 Freising

T +49 8161 71-5592
F +49 8161 71-4987
zulassung [at]

Contact (Triesdorf)

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Referat Studienangelegenheiten
Markgrafenstr. 16
91746 Weidenbach

T +49 9826 654-103
F +49 9826 654-4103
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