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Note about web browsers and document formats

If you are using a mobile browser, you may be unable to use certain functions of the application portal. We would therefore recommend that you do not use a smartphone to complete your online application, and especially not to upload your documents.

Before you begin your application, please ensure that you have the necessary documents ready to upload.

It is generally only possible to upload documents in PDF format. Before starting your application, please ensure that you have the documents in the correct format.

What happens after submitting the online application?

Filling in the online application is the first step in applying to study HSWT.

With immediate effect, you no longer have to submit hard copies of your documents to the university.

Once you have been offered a place at the university, the next step is to register. To do this, you may have to submit documents in a specific format by post, e.g. as certified copies. We will inform you of which documents we require in the application portal.

You can view your application status at any time in the application portal. This is also where you can see whether we require any additional documents from you. We therefore advise that you regularly check your account, your emails and your spam folder.

Start looking for accommodation early, especially if you would like to take up studies at the Weihenstephan campus (in Freising). Helpful tips for doing so and much more can be found in our FAQs.

Dates in the admissions procedure

Application period for the winter semester 2020/21:

May 2020 - 20 August 2020*


20 August 2020*

Deadline work-study programmes:

15 July 2020 (Agriculture Weihenstephan/Triesdorf, Landscape Construction and Management)

20 August 2020 (Brewing and Beverage Technology, Horticulture, Foodstuff Management)


*An extension of the application period for some degree programmes is possible (see information at the top of the page).


Places on the Bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission are allocated using the website

You must first register with You then apply for a place using the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Application Portal. For further information, go to Hochschulstart on our homepage.

Dual (work-study) degree programme

Please apply for the work-study degree programme offered in a combined form involving both training and university study ("Verbundstudium") in the year in which you will begin your training. You are responsible for finding the necessary training location.

Application for a work-study programme in the form of combined studies ("Verbundstudium") on courses that have admissions restrictions

To apply for a work-study programme with admission restrictions in the form of combined studies ("Verbundstudium"), you must first register on the website and then apply for the work-study option of the relevant course on the university’s Application Portal.

If you began your vocational training in the previous year and if you have an admission letter or notification of deferment from the previous year, please apply online for preferential admission. Before sending your application, please upload this admission letter or notification of deferment together with written confirmation that the training is ongoing.

Course with intensive practical work

If you are planning to undertake a course with intensive practical work ("Studium mit vertiefter Praxis"), you must first apply for the standard course (not the work-study option). As a rule, you can only apply to participating companies once the course starts. You will choose the company yourself. You will find more detailed information on the dedicated webpage for your chosen course, under "Dual (work-study)", or by getting in touch with the contact person for the work-study option listed on the webpage.

Completing your application for the winter semester

You should complete your application using the university’s application portal. This is where all the required data will be collected and you will receive a summary of your application as a PDF for your records. Please do not send this summary to the university.

These are the documents that you must include in your online application:

  • Higher education entrance qualification (all pages)
    • Students applying for a bachelor’s programme, who obtained their university entrance qualification outside of Germany, will also need to submit:
      Preliminary review documentation (VPD) from or an APS (Academic Verification Office) certificate (Vietnam, China).
    • Students from outside Germany applying for a degree programme taught in German will also need to provide:
      Evidence of German language skills of at least B2 level (unless their university entrance qualification was obtained from a German school).

    (if you do not have a copy of the certificate required by the application deadline, it can be uploaded later – please note the point 'Dates in the admissions procedure').

  • Current CV in table format, if you have already completed vocational training (or will have by the time the course starts) or if you have been a registered student at another university.
  • Copy of (valid) personal ID (serial number and access number [Seriennummer, Zugangsnummer]) should be redacted, and the ID should be marked with the word 'COPY') – alternatively a copy of passport or residence permit.
  • Any additional documents required
    (Your health insurance certificate is not required until you have enrolled online).

The following documents also need to be uploaded

for degree programmes with restricted admission:

  • If available: service certificate (e.g. German Defence Force [Bundeswehr], voluntary social year)

when applying for a higher semester:

  • 'Antrag auf Anrechnung' request for recognition of credits -> Please refer to the guidelines in the information sheet under further information.

when applying for a work-study programme (only for combined study, 'Verbundstudium')

  • Training contract, cooperation agreement and/or proof of ongoing training. You will need to send two hard copies of your cooperation agreement by the application deadline for the dual course (they must have been received by the university by this deadline).
  • Admission letter from the previous year (when starting the studies in the current year)

for second degree programme with restricted admission and master programme applications:

  • Certified copy of your undergraduate degree certificate
  • When applying for a second degree: additional letter of motivation.
  • When applying for the Climate Change Management master’s programme: Evidence of English language skills of at least B2 level.
  • When applying for the Climate Change Management master’s programme, applicants who completed their undergraduate degree outside Germany also need to obtain a preliminary review document from uni-assist and/or an APS (Academic Verification Office) certificate (for graduates who completed their degree in Vietnam or China).

for professionally qualified applicants (i.e. those who do not have the university entrance qualification, e.g. Meister [technicians], Techniker [engineers], managers [Fachwirte] or those who have completed an apprenticeship plus 3 years of work experience):

  • Evidence of a consultation session from the Subject Advisor for the course, certified letter of recommendation certified copy of the further training examination certificate, along with the average grade and confirmation of the number of hours included in the preparatory course (for Meister, Techniker and similar) or certified copies of the vocational diploma and the examination certificate showing successful completion of vocational training, plus evidence of professional practice. For more detailed information, please see the 'Allgemeines Informationsblatt zum Zulassungsverfahren' (General information sheet on admissions procedure).

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Deadlines for the submission of bachelor’s certificates

If your bachelor's certificate is not yet available when applying for a master's degree programme, it can be uploaded afterwards as follows (subject to change due to the current Corona crisis):

Master’s degree programmeDeadline for submission of bachelor’s certificate
Agricultural Management (Weihenstephan)provisional grade certificate with average grade proving 160 EC: 04 September 2020;
final bachelor's certificate: 6 weeks after the start of the semester
Biotechnology / Bioengineering15 September 2020
Business Management & Entrepreneurship Renewable Energy15 September 2020
Climate Change Management15 September 2020
Environmental Engineering04 September 2020
Food Quality04 September 2020
Regional Management15 September 2020

Please note that these dates are subject to change due to the current situation!

Dates in the application and admissions procedure for the winter semester 2020/21

31 July 2020

Submission of the cooperation agreement for work-study degree programmes (only if not received/available by 15 July 2020) (specifying the applicant number, send to unterlagen.zulassung [at]

20 August 2020*Application deadline

20 August 2020*

Subsequent uploading of the higher education entrance qualification (specifying the applicant number, send to unterlagen.zulassung [at] or submission of the cooperation agreement for a work-study degree programmes in Brewing and Beverage Technology, Horticulture, or Foodstuff Management (only if not received/available when submitting application earlier)

around the beginning of September 2020

Admission-restricted courses:

Admission offers from can be accepted presumably from 25 August,

If the status is 'zugelassen' (admitted), enrolment via the HSWT application portal is possible until the end of the indicated registration period (admission letter with indicated registration period (in PDF) on

around the beginning of September 2020

Non-admission-restricted courses:

If the status is 'Zulassungsangebot liegt vor' (offer of admission available), enrolment via the HSWT application portal is possible presumably from 25 August 2020 until the end of the indicated registration period (please have a (passport) photo available to upload).

until 30 September 2020

Due to the strike at uni-assist applicants for non-admission-restricted courses can hand in their VPD (preliminary review documentation) until the end of September.


*An extension of the application period for some degree programmes is possible (see information at the top of the page). 

Letters of admission and rejection

Admission letters for degree programmes with restricted admission (NC) are made available on Admission letters for non-capped courses are only sent out by post for applications to higher course semesters, applications from professionally qualified applicants and applications to work-study programmes. Admission letters are also sent out by post for master programme applications. Rejection letters for capped bachelor’s programmes are only issued on, i.e. are made available to download in PDF, after the admission process is completed (starting 30 September).

To view the current status of the admission process, please consult the application portal. Online enrolment starts at the beginning of August.

Enrolment (Immatrikulation)

When you receive your letter of admission, you must enrol by the deadline.

Have you applied for a course with no admission restrictions? With an 'Offer of admission available' status, you can register online in the application portal, presumably from 25 August (see portal for registration cut-off) and then directly print a preliminary enrolment certificate.

For (NC) courses with restricted admission, go into your portal and accept the offer of admission which is displayed there. In order to secure your place in the course, you should then go into the application portal (not the portal) and complete the online registration there. Then you can print out a provisional enrolment certificate. You do not have to come to the university in person for the enrolment!

The application portal will advise you of any outstanding support documents for your application.

Please be aware that you will lose your place if you do not enrol before the deadline, submit the necessary documents before the start of the study programme, or remit the semester fee on time. You will find information about how to remit the semester fee after you have enrolled online (see preliminary enrolment certificate).


Enrolment for work-study degree programmes:

  1. If you are beginning your training this year and will therefore be starting your academic studies next year, you are not required to enrol this year. You will only need to enrol after you reapply for the 2021/2022 winter semester.
  2. If you received an admission letter for a work-study degree programme last year and are continuing your training and beginning your academic studies as of 1 October 2020, it is essential that you accept your study place and enrol for this degree programme within the registration period via the applicant portal.

Extended application period for summer semester 2020 for certain degree programmes:

The following master’s degree programmes are still accepting applications:

  • Agricultural Management (Weihenstephan Campus) (presumably until 29 February 2020)
  • Regional Management in Mountain Areas (presumably until 31 January 2020)
  • Environmental Engineering (presumably until 15 February 2020)

For bachelor’s degree programmes, applications can only be made for higher semesters in the summer semester. For most master’s degree programmes, you can also apply for the first semester of study.

The closing date for the submission of applications is 15 January 2021. Please note that all necessary documents must have been received by Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences by this date.

Please also see the additional information regarding admission requirements at the web pages of the individual Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes (study and examination regulations, among others).

Applications for the coming winter semester will be accepted from the start of May.