Monika Gerschau
  • Theme Marketing, market research

Prof. Dr Monika Gerschau

What fascinates you about being an HAW professor?

Inexhaustible possibilities for implementing your ideas, for creative collaboration with young people, for active contacts with companies, for practical research, for international activities, in short, for everything that you think is good and right

What do you particularly appreciate about the HSWT?

The tradition-rich green University of Applied Sciences is a "place of power" with a constant urge for new topics and contacts.

What was your personal path to the HAW professorship? Where did you gain practical experience outside the University of Applied Sciences?

After my doctorate, I worked in a marketing agency with great new experiences - without thinking of a change. A later colleague, whom I knew only slightly, called me out of the blue and convinced me to at least apply...

What challenges did you successfully overcome during your time as a professor?

When I was appointed as a marketing professor, I didn't initially think about how exciting various unavoidable offices at the University of Applied Sciences can be, such as the examination board, department chair or vice president: you grow with the tasks.

What is your most important recommendation to women interested in this career?

Start early to gain not only additional qualifications but also actual application experience. Apply as well to universities of Applied Sciences that are not your dream at first: Give the new a chance!