• Prof. Dr. habil. Carsten Lorz

Chair of Forest Soil Science, Geology, Site-Based Principles of Forestry

The central teaching area of the professorship is soil science, both in its fundamentals and in its forestry application. Forest soil science deals with the soil as the most important site factor (site theory) in forestry. In soil science training, great importance is attached to field soil science in addition to the teaching of theoretical basics. The content focus of teaching in the subject of soil science considers soil as the production basis of forestry (nutrient and water supply) and aims at the optimal use and at the preservation of soil quality. In addition, other functions of forest soils - especially in connection with ecosystem services - are taken into account in teaching. The subject of soil science is also supported by the teaching of chemical basics.

In addition to soil science, geology/geomorphology and forest meteorology play an important role in forest site science. Geology serves to deepen the understanding of the effect of the properties of the rocks, the regular occurrence of rocks and the relief on the site properties. Forest meteorology examines the relationship between site properties and climatic conditions in the forest. This also includes changes in climatic conditions and consequences for forestry.

In addition, soil science is a central component in understanding the land use soil water system. This results in a cross-sectional task in teaching that (1) can only be dealt with by including other disciplines and that (2) has a strongly application-oriented character and thus fits in very well with the practice-oriented education at the HSWT.


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