• Duration: 01. – 30.07.2023
  • : Biodiversity
  • Research status:  Closed

Examination for BANU Field Botany Certificate Bavaria - Silver

Silver-Certificate in Field Botany

Knowledge of species is an important skill for natural history (citizen science), mapping and evlauation of rare and endangered species and habitats, practical conservation work, agriculture, forestry and, last, but not least, in science. The BANU-certificate in field botany participants can prove their skills that have been acquired in education or through amateur engagement. The "Federal Working Group of Environmental Education Institutes for Nature and Environment" (BANU) defines a nationwide system of comparable certificates with a transparent, high standard. In July 2023 21 participants were examined at HSWT for the silver certificate which encompasses 400 plant species.

Participant inspects plant exhibit
Certificate exam in HSWT's forestry building © Katrin Ketterer

Project lead (HSWT)