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Our vision

Education, networking and research for applied life sciences in the field of digitalisation

Industrial production, transport and the home environment: digitalisation is making its mark in many different areas. The underlying technologies are more or less the same regardless of where they are applied; digitalisation is a cross-sectoral issue. It boils down to collecting, transmitting, storing and processing data, then using this as a basis for obtaining information, making decisions and implementing those decisions automatically.

Digital technologies are already being used in applied life sciences too. The trailblazers in this area are probably precision farming and smart farming approaches in agriculture, which go back to the 1990s.

Digital methods and technologies are relatively new, and their potential is nowhere near exhausted. This is precisely where education comes in: the Competence Centre for Digital Agriculture (KoDA) has set itself the goal of integrating digital content into the departments and courses on a cross-disciplinary basis, as well as in research, knowledge transfer and further education at HSWT.

Synergy effects will be used because the technical basics are always the same. KoDA’s work is directed at undergraduate education as well as schooling. However, its programmes are also geared towards further education for alumni, academics in all disciplines and any adults who may be interested.

KoDA is all about networking too, because, when it comes to digitalisation, no-one can do it all, and practical application and specialist knowledge play a key role. KoDA is a central point of contact for digitalisation matters in applied life sciences both within the university and for companies and users. Through networking, KoDA bundles and shares knowledge, know-how and tried-and-trusted technologies within and outside of the university.

With digitalisation, often only a small step is needed to create new solutions or products from existing technologies – solutions or products that can reduce workloads, create added value, protect the biotic environment, conserve resources or achieve a synergy of benefits, depending on the challenge faced. That’s why the Competence Centre for Digital Agriculture is the ideal partner for implementing applied life sciences research projects in the field of digitalisation.

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