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Fields of research

Production and quality management

In order to remain competitive in today's world, consistent quality assurance along the entire value added chain is a must. Continuously developing methods and improving analysis procedures are essential components in optimising products and processes. Standards can be set by the development of effective methods and evaluation processes for quality assessment across the production/trade/consumer supply chain.

Core topics:

  • Pest diagnostics
  • Non-destructive quality assessment (near-infrared spectroscopy)
  • Storage and post-harvest quality

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Sustainability strategies and conservation of resources

Plant cultivation and marketing often requires a large amount of resources to be used. Through the use of targeted cultivation methods, control strategies and the latest technology, the sustainability of horticultural value added chains can be significantly enhanced.

Core topics:

    • Intelligent climate controls and energy conservation
    • LED and lighting efficiency
    • Alternative substrate components
    • Fertilisation / pest control strategies
    • Integrated cultivation


    Innovation and information management

    The development and testing of new technologies for knowledge transfer and information management, in collaboration with horticultural businesses, is a central topic in this regard. The creation of aids for diagnostics, costing and planning provides valuable assistance to horticulture in the fields of production, trade and service.

    Core topics:

      • E-learning systems
      • Online databases and information software
      • Digitisation in Horticulture


      Urban horticulture

      Plants play a fundamental roll for our health and wellbeing. It is for this very reason that research questions are investigated with the aim of developing sustainable urban horticulture with a real ecological focus. Passing on specialist knowledge in recreational horticulture is also an important aspect.

      Core topics:

      • Indoor Farming
      • Making allotment-holders more aware of eco-friendly cultivation procedures
      • Interior Landscaping

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        Leaflet: Research by the Institute of Horticulture (in German)