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Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

A declared aim of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences is to increase innovation and competitiveness regionally and nationally by the transfer of the latest findings in research and development work. The University’s facilities, staff and expertise provide an ideal environment for practical work. We offer small and medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to use our research and development capacities according to their needs and to receive our assistance in solving problems.

We offer the following services:

  • collaboration and targeted knowledge and technology transfer with business regionally and nationally
  • transfer of the latest research findings into practical applications in business
  • involvement in the design and organisation of knowledge and technology events

Knowledge-sharing events

The departments and research institutions at HSWT offer regular specialist seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops across all subjects, for example:

  • Seminar on plant protection
  • Forum on horticulture
  • Triesdorf horse day
  • Upper Bavarian environmental education conference for primary and secondary school teachers
  • Sustainable implementation of the energy transition
  • International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference
  • Organic Farming Conference 2018
  • Forum for rural regional development
  • Landscape construction conference
  • Renewable energies symposium
  • Weihenstephan forestry conference
  • Courses and seminars on horticulture as a hobby - events

All of the latest HSWT events (some of which are for HSWT staff only) are listed here along with options for online registration.


TBH - Transfer Agencies of Bavarian Universities

The Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer at HSWT is one of the 28 transfer agencies of Bavarian universities and contributes to the BayDat-Online transfer portal.

The transfer agencies of Bavarian universities (TBH) use their joint website to provide concise, standardised information about the services provided by and the contact details of the 11 transfer agencies of Bavarian universities (TBU) and the 17 transfer agencies of Bavarian universities of applied sciences (TBHAW).

This is a platform both for potential partners from business and society seeking support with specific tasks and for researchers who would like to collaborate with external partners. BayDat-Online, the transfer portal of Bavarian universities, is a project launched by the working group of the transfer agencies of Bavarian universities (TBU) and the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts in cooperation with the Bavarian universities of applied sciences. The transfer portal enables users to search for information and points of contact from across Bavaria’s universities and universities of applied sciences. Research areas, lab facilities and opportunities for collaboration with university researchers are listed in a clearly arranged, standardised way.


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