Continuing education - practice-based and part-time

In today's world of technological progress, life-long learning has become an essential part of everyday professional life. Continuing education enables each individual to be able to rise to the challenges of the future in terms of their own professional development.

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences is meeting this challenge and developing appropriate concepts in continuing scientific education in accordance with its training principles, in order to offer an excellent foundation in practical and scientific skills. The range of tailored training courses will continue to be expanded in the coming years.

Our learning opportunities – an overview:

Specialist seminars

Offer subject-specific knowledge for selected groups of professionals or interested parties

  • Seminar on hydroponics and interior landscaping
  • Seminar on plant protection
  • Forum on horticulture

Conferences – Workshops – Symposia

  • Triesdorfer Pferdetag (Triesdorf horse day)
  • Life-long learning in cooperation with the StMELF (Bavarian State Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Tiergesundheitstag Triesdorf (Triesdorf animal health day)
  • Triesdorf Connect – contact between companies and students
  • Landschaftsbautagung (Landscape construction conference)

Individual company seminars

Do you have specific training requirements in your organisation?

We work with you to develop tailored training opportunities for your employees and support you in implementing your training plans: feel free to contact us.

Further study

  • Berufsbegleitende Zertifikatsprogramme (Professional certificate programme) - Info (in German)
  • Gasthörerstudium (Guest studies) - Info

Other services

  • Events/seminars for recreational horticulture - Programme (in German)

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Training for HSWT employees

Didactics for teaching staff:

For all employees:
If you're interested, please contact Ms Küspert.