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The garden was established in 1947 and covers an area of more than five hectares. The educational and experimental garden is used to test trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials and new varieties of rose in terms of their practical use. One important aspect is planting herbaceous perennials in ecologically harmonious and aesthetically pleasing combinations in ways that suit the local conditions.

The centre of the garden is home to a variety of herbaceous perennials planted in beds and ornamental borders. On the southern facing slope, these lead into the steppe-heath (Steppenheide) vegetation typically found in Central European lowlands as well as rockeries, a pond and pool of water. The edges and western part of the garden feature a wide range of trees and shrubs with a rich variety of herbaceous perennials planted beneath them. The individual botanical displays invite you to reflect on which plants fit together well from a situational and a visual perspective. Different coloured flowers and leaves, growth habits, structures and textures are arranged so as to create beautiful garden landscapes that are either rich in contrast or harmonious. The exciting layout of the beds aims to give students and visitors inspiration for designing their own gardens.

Let yourself be inspired by the garden’s diversity and the combination of herbaceous perennials, summer flowers, trees and shrubs, and discover the appeal of watching the plant arrangements change over the seasons!

Impressions from the trial garden

Red flower bed
Red flower bed
Autumn colours
Autumn colours
Opulent grasses and perennials in the trial garden
Opulent grasses and perennials in the trial garden
Wintry atmosphere in the trial garden
Wintry atmosphere in the trial garden


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Technical Management

Opening times

1 April to 31 October, including Sundays and bank holidays
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Visiting the gardens is free of charge. Dogs are not allowed in all the Trial Garden!

Results of the trials

You can find information on the trials being carried out and findings on new varieties of roses, and shrub and herbaceous perennial assortments here (in German):

ADR - Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung


Arbeitskreis Staudensichtung

CD-ROMs with results of the herbaceous perennials trial

At Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, we have produced numerous CD-ROMs documenting the results of the herbaceous perennials trial including high-resolution images. Further information, including on how to order, is available here ...