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Funding / Scholarships

Funding / Scholarships

The Funding / Scholarships department is part of the organisational unit International Office, Funding and Career Service (IFC). Managed by Ms Michaela Ring this area includes the three departments Funding / Scholarships, International Office and Career Service. In close cooperation we fund and coordinate the international activities at our University, are the first contact for all types of scholarships and support students during their transition from the university into work life. We act as intermediary to scholarship sponsors and organisations.

Our services:

  • Consulting on scholarships
  • Contact partner for scholarship providers

Video: Information on scholarship opportunities

Video: Information on scholarship opportunities

Germany Scholarship Programme (Deutschlandstipendium)

10 Years of the Germany Scholarship

On 15 June 2021 the Federal Ministry of Education and Research celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Germany Scholarship with an online ceremony. Around 1000 participants listened to politicians and founders of the Germany Scholarship talk about the difficulties of the start-up phase and the steady growth of the programme – the largest public-private educational partnership. University representatives, sponsors, scholarship recipients and representatives from the world of politics, science and economics met and exchanged ideas about the Germany Scholarship, looked back at 10 successful years and discussed possibilities for the future.

A film shows scholarship recipients explaining what the Germany Scholarship means to them.


2022/23 applications

The application round for the Germany Scholarship 2022/23 has ended. 253 students applied and we were able to award 105 scholarships.

Applications will open for the upcoming 2023 summer semester in December 2022.

Purpose of the scholarship

The aim of the Germany scholarship programme is for Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences to support multi-talented students, who have produced or are expected to produce outstanding results in their course and career. Considering the applicant as a whole should also incorporate social elements, such as notable awards and successes, previous employment, extracurricular commitments such as volunteering, social engagement and involvement in politics or university politics, involvement in religious communities, associations and groups as well as notable personal and family circumstances. Other selection criteria can be found in the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences guidelines for awarding Germany scholarships.

Amount and duration of the support

The scholarship amount is €300 per month. 50% of this comes from funds from private sponsors and 50% from funds provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).
The length of the support is one year. If the maximum support period (i.e. the end of the standard period of study) hasn't been reached, the scholarship holder can apply again.
A requirement for the scholarship to be granted and extended is that there are private and public scholarship funds available for the period of entitlement.

Supporters of the Germany Scholarship visited the HSWT campus

Group photo in the courtyard garden: from left to right – Christina Holzner, Katharina Maidl, Andrea Hübner (Margarete Ammon Foundation) Anna Buchberger, Professor Winfried Ruß, President Eric Veulliet, Professor Matthias Drösler, Petra Martin ('Zukunft jetzt' Foundation), Mitchell Mahatchi, Paul Greineder (Margarete Ammon Foundation), Julie Brunner, Jamshid Kudratillaev and Jose Hazanas ('Zukunft jetzt' Foundation)

This year sees two new foundations generously offering Germany Scholarships at HSWT: the 'Zukunft jetzt' Foundation founded by Petra Martin, is providing 23 scholarships and the  Margarete Ammon Foundation is funding 10 scholarships. For many years our loyal supporter the BayWa-Stiftung has provided funding for 20 scholarships.


The IFC invited the new supporters to an information afternoon so they could get to know the university and find out what and whom they are supporting. The event included coffee and cake, tours of campus buildings and was rounded off by a social evening at the pub. Six scholarship recipients were also invited to attend the event and engaged in a lively exchange of ideas with their sponsors.

President Eric Veulliet began by giving a short overview of the university’s objectives and emphasised the themes of sustainability, climate change and environmental protection. HSWT’s students receive the best possible preparation for dealing with these challenges. Then Professor Winfried Ruß, who initially established contact with the Margarete Ammon Foundation, took the foundation’s representatives Andrea Hübner and Paul Greineder on a tour of the new Beverage Technology Centre. Professor Matthias Drösler gave Petra Martin and Jose Hazanas from the ‘Zukunft jetzt’ Foundation an insight into moorland research. Six scholarship recipients were also in attendance: Christina Holzner (FI), Mitchell Mahachi (CCM), Katharina Maidl (FI), Anna Buchberger (BG), Jamshid Kudratillaev (CCM) and Julie Brunner (ME). The guests were particularly interested in the reports by Mitchell Mahatchi from Zimbabwe and Jamshid Kudratillaev from Uzbekistan. The group concluded the day’s activities at the pub, enjoying conversations and discussions.

What our scholarship holders say

Matthias Meier, Engineering in Forestry

"My Germany Scholarship is a huge motivator for me; it recognises my academic achievements and gives me financial support." This young man is succeeding in an entirely different field too: he was on the German national curling team, with whom he has won the European championship twice. "In this type of team sport, everyone gives their best performance as individuals, but ultimately what makes us successful is our team spirit. It’s the sort of experience you can transfer to many other situations in life."

Sandra Diener, Biotechnology

"Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m studying Biotechnology. Although my grades aren’t amazing, I applied for the Germany Scholarship because it also takes into account your family situation and the fact that you’re trying hard to study in difficult circumstances. My advice for everyone is to just try it! In addition to studying, I work as an assistant in the lab at HSWT, I’m involved in the Student Council and I try to live sustainably. I support the organisation '4ocean' and buy wristbands made from recycled plastic for them. I got to know my sponsors, representatives from the association Verband Weihenstephaner Milchwirtschaftler, Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnologen e.V., at the scholarship celebration. The association not only gives me financial support every month, but also for my excursions and visits to trade fairs – which I’m delighted about."



Julian Schneider, Landscape Construction and Management

"The Germany Scholarship means I don’t have to work so much now alongside studying, and it’s a great motivator. I found out about this opportunity on the university’s homepage and I’m now in my second year of receiving funding. I am very glad that, before I started my degree, I had already completed training to become a landscape gardener and then worked for nine months, because now I know exactly what the practical aspects are when I learn the theory in lectures. After my practical training semester, which I’m going to do at a large garden and landscape construction company in Kiel, I would like to work at a similar company in Freising until I finish my degree. In my free time, I like hiking and bouldering in the mountains; I’ll miss doing that when I’m in Kiel but at least the sea is there instead."



Viola Teichmann, Management of Renewable Energies

"My degree programme is a cool combination of technology and natural sciences, and my grades after the first semester were better than I had expected. That’s why I decided to apply for a Germany Scholarship at the last minute. To be honest, I didn’t expect to have my application accepted because I’m still right at the start of my degree. Now the grant is spurring me on to achieve even better grades. I am also still working as a maths and statistics tutor at the university so that I can be less financially dependent on my parents."

Adrian Fortunato, Brewing and Beverage Technology

"It’s worth a shot", thought Adrian Fortunato, and applied for the Germany Scholarship after getting good grades. "I’m so pleased to have this recognition now. I actually studied for a history and chemistry teaching position in my home town of Hamburg and passed the first state examinations. Alongside that, I worked at a brewery and found I really loved it. So now I’m on a work-study programme in Weihenstephan, studying while working at a brewery in Bremen. I was able to give my fellow students a lot of help with chemistry. When I’m not studying, I am involved in animal protection and volunteer as a youth leader at the football club and church."

2019 scholarship celebration at Freisinger Schafhof – President Eric Veulliet welcomes sponsors, scholarship recipients and professors

Oskar Karl Forster Scholarship fund

Applications are now closed for 2021

Funding was available once again in 2021 for the purchase of learning resources such as books and laptops. The next application process opens in 2022.

Purpose of the scholarship

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences awards underprivileged students a one-off grant for procuring books or other learning resources from the Oskar Karl Forster Scholarship fund.


  • Bachelor’s students must have passed the foundation and orientation examinations (Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfungen) in the 1st and 2nd semesters.
  • Master’s students must at least be in the second 2nd semester at HSWT.
  • The aid can only be granted to students who are in need.
  • A need is identified if
    • the student receives benefits according to the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG) or
    • if the net income of the person obliged to pay maintenance costs does not exceed twice their tax-free allowance according to the BAföG plus their tax-free child allowance.

Students are not eligible if they have already received study assistance from the Oscar Karl Forster scholarship fund or if they are not enrolled at the time the grant is approved.

Amount of the support

The grant amounts to a maximum of € 500. In accordance with the funds available, the maximum amount can be set lower in order to be able to consider more applications.

Required evidence

After your application is approved, you must provide evidence for your purchases through receipted invoices, which must show the date of purchase and the title of the work.

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Legal bases

Scholarship Programme Law – StipG (Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz – StipG)

Guidelines – Germany scholarship programme (Richtlinien der HSWT Deutschlandstipendium)

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Germany scholarship programme (Deutschlandstipendium)

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Many thanks to our sponsors of the Germany scholarship programme!


Many thanks to our sponsors of the Germany scholarship programme!