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Climate Talks

Climate Talks

Lecture series of the "Climate Change Management" master's degree programme open to the public.

The Climate Talks take place Thursdays at 4:00 pm (CET/MEZ) and are broadcasted via Zoom.

Please contact Ramona Müller for the login data in due time before the event.

8 October 2020

Change in rain erosivity during the past 60 years and projections until 2050

Prof. Dr Karl Auerswald ‐ TUM ‐ Germany

15 October 2020

Urban Climate Strategies to mitigate Climate Change

Prof. Dr Lutz Katzschner ‐ INEK ‐ Germany

22 October 2020

GHG emissions from tropical peatland degradation – a comparison between the ombrotrophic peatlands of Indonesia and minerotrophic peatlands of Peru

Dr Louis Verchot ‐ The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT ‐ Colombia

29 October 2020

Climate smart agriculture in Europe

Prof. Dr Jørgen Eivind Olesen ‐ Aarhus University ‐ Denmark

05 November 2020

Climate smart forestry in Europe: from european perspective to local implementation

Prof. Dr Gert Jan Nabuurs ‐ University of Wageningen ‐ The Netherlands

12 November 2020

From the Amazon to the Andes: the potential role of organic soils on climate mitigation in Colombia

Dr Juan C Benavides ‐ Pontificia Universidad Javeriana ‐ Colombia

19 November 2020

Systematic and standardised observations of greenhouse gases and carbon‐climate feedbacks in Europe and globally

Dr habil. Werner L. Kutsch ‐ Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) ‐ Finland

26 November 2020

Assessing the impacts of climate change and climate variability on hydrometeorological extreme events

Prof. Dr Ralf Ludwig ‐ LMU ‐ Germany

03 December 2020

Climate change and ecosystem services: Perspectives from a carbon rich ecosystem of the northern Andes ‐ focus region Ecuador

Dr Esteban Suárez ‐ Universidad San Francisco de Quito ‐ Ecuador

10 December 2020

Grassland and Climate Change: the past and the future

Prof. Dr Hans Schnyder ‐ TUM ‐ Germany

17 December 2020

Challenges to Climate Policy in Germany and the EU

Prof. Dr Karen Pittel ‐ IFO/LMU ‐ Germany

07 January 2021

How can we improve assessments of climate change impacts on
biodiversity? Examples across scales and taxa

Dr Christian Hof ‐ TUM ‐ Germany

14 January 2021

Flash floods – global trends and importance for Bavaria: modelling and warning

Prof. Dr Markus Disse ‐ TUM ‐ Germany

21 January 2021

The Green Deal and the Future of Climate Policy ‐ An Opportunity for the EU?

Prof. Dr Ottmar Edenhofer ‐ PIK ‐ Germany

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Winter semester 2020/21


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