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The development of new teaching, study and continuing education opportunities is one of the primary tasks

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences is not new to the subject of digitalisation: There are already plenty of modules on offer that deal with various aspects of digitalisation, either partially or in depth. The knowledge and skills available in the area of teaching should be systematically recorded so that they can be taken into account when planning new learning content and to enable improved networking of the modules available across the different degree programmes.

The development of new teaching, study and continuing education opportunities is one of the primary tasks that KoDA has set itself. This could involve individual learning units, full modules, specialisations, fields of study or full degree programmes. Above all, when it comes to modules, it should be ensured that these can be attended regardless of degree programme, department or campus. It is hoped that this will have the synergy effect of strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation between students and teaching staff from different subject areas.

The new modules should ensure that the digital content remains linked to the core competencies of the students (applied sciences). Only in this way will it be possible to meaningfully differentiate between the more specialised programmes of study in the areas of Informatics, Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering. Practical applicability should also be ensured by learning units in the following settings: in the field, in the stable, in the biogas plant, on the construction site, in the conservation area, in the greenhouse and in the woods.

It should be possible to take the new modules online, either in part or in full, so as to enable students to take part whichever campus they are on. KoDA will be working closely with the Competence Centre for Digital Learning to achieve this.

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