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Institute of Ecology and Landscape (IÖL)

Institute of Ecology and Landscape (IÖL)

The Institute of Ecology and Landscape (Institut für Ökologie und Landschaft) replaced the former Institute of Landscape Architecture in March 2015 following a restructuring process. The main research topic, "Environmental protection, biodiversity, climate change" is at the forefront of our research activities. There are also references to the research topics of "Renewable resources, renewable energies, energy efficiency" and "Land use, nutrition, health".

The Institute is a platform for interdisciplinary research at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. Professors from the departments of Landscape Architecture, Forestry, and Agriculture and Food Economy share common resources, exchange knowledge and experiences, build synergies and work on common projects wherever necessary.

Some of the most important research topics include climate change, biodiversity, the functions of ecological systems, ecological system services including sustainable utilisation etc. Reference to landscape and cross-section, as well as practical orientation are always important here however.


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