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ASC Smart Indoor Farming

ASC Smart Indoor Farming

Establishment of the first-ever Applied Science Centre (ASC) for Smart Indoor Farming

The objective of the ASC is to establish an infrastructure within the indoor farming sector that serves as an interface between research and industry. Scientific questions are linked with specific application cases, while interdisciplinary projects play a crucial role in making this innovative technology ready to put into practice.

In the spotlight are several innovative fields of application for indoor farming. These include the urban production of fresh plant foods, the production of raw materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and farming in poor climates (e.g. arid regions, contaminated land). The technology is extremely water-efficient, meaning it offers major potential in particular for regions with low water availability. A further aim of the centre is to develop energy supply concepts with the ultimate goal of achieving climate-neutral production in the indoor farm. In addition to this, the initiative seeks to optimise existing supply chains in order to make full use of the potential offered by indoor farming.

ASC Indoor Farming Container

Indoor farming – a useful addition with significant advantages

In comparison with traditional farming methods, as well as providing significant advantages for ecological issues such as resource consumption and environmental impact, indoor farming also makes an important contribution to economically significant questions relating to product quality and yield maximisation.

The arrows in the following figure compare the systems within a specific parameter.

The figure shows in tabular form a comparison of various ecological and economic parameters as well as their evaluation for indoor farming, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation variants
Graphics: Heike Mempel and Sabine Wittmann, HSWT

Cooperative partnerships

The Applied Science Centre works closely with industry partners:

  • Gemüsering Stuttgart GmbH: The container currently being used as an indoor farm is on permanent loan from Gemüsering Stuttgart GmbH, an association of vegetable producers. The association also funds a student assistant who conducts research at the indoor farm.
  • Dr Thomas Wilke: Dr Wilke has many years of experience in the food industry and has provided valuable support to HSWT in helping to establish industry links and in project acquisition.
Tomato culture in an indoor farming system
Tomato culture in an indoor farming system
Marjoram growing under LED lights in an indoor farm
Marjoram growing under LED lights in an indoor farm


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