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PhD Dissertations

PhD Dissertations

Info for students

About to finish your master’s degree, interested in current scientific issues and innovative developments and ready for a new challenge? Want to get more involved in research but still stay hands on? Then a doctorate at our university could be the ideal next step for you!

Portrait of BayWISS doctoral student Cynthia Tobisch as part of the LaKoF/BayWISS campaign 'I love Science'. The scientist is doing her doctorate at the HSWT on the subject of 'Vegetation in the normal Bavarian landscape between global warming and land use pressure'.

A doctorate needs to be carefully thought through and there are a lot of questions to answer before embarking on one, such as:

  • Is a doctorate the right option for me?
  • What requirements do I need to meet?
  • What types of doctorate are there?
  • Is it possible to do a doctorate at a university of applied sciences? (Yes it is!)
  • How do I find the right topic and doctoral supervisor?
  • And much more...

Find the answers to all these questions and more here.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for and want more specific information? Get in touch with Dr Michaela Stegmann, who is our dedicated go-to person for all doctorate-related matters.

LaKoF / BayWISS campaign 'I love Science'
LaKoF / BayWISS campaign 'I love Science'

Overview of current and completed doctorates at HSWT

Information on all current and completed doctorates at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) is available here.

If you are interested in studying for a doctorate, then perhaps this will inspire you and help you find suitable contacts to help you develop your ideas for a doctorate.

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Information for doctoral candidates and those interested in BayWISS

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General information for doctoral candidates

Already working on a collaborative doctorate at HSWT and have questions about the process? Get in touch with Dr Michaela Stegmann at HSWT or the graduate centre at the lead university for the doctorate.

Overview of Bavarian PhD supervisors (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Information on the doctoral regulations of German universities that confer doctorates (in German)

Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice (in German)

The BayWISS Consortial Doctorate

Cooperative doctorates within Bavaria can be based in the Bavarian Academic Forum’s (BayWISS) Expert Forum for Consortial Doctorates. BayWISS is a cooperation platform comprising all 11 universities and 19 universities of applied sciences in Bavaria, as well as Munich School of Philosophy.

The BayWISS research groups are subject-specific platforms and networks for young and experienced researchers alike, and strengthen the culture of academic exchange between Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences.

The consortial doctorate sets new standards when it comes to cooperative doctorates. It is structured, predictable and transparent, and reinforces the high quality standards for doctorates.

All BayWISS research groups that HSWT is involved in

Life Sciences and Green Technologies

Infrastructure, Building and Urban Development



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Assistent for Young Scientists
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