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Research portrait | Research station for pomiculture

The Schlachters Research Station and the Lindau Horticultural Show 2021

The Schlachters research station for pomiculture is opening its doors to visitors from 20 May until 26 September 2021 as a partner of Lindau Horticultural Show. Visitors can discover the history of pomiculture, enjoy tours through the variety conservation garden of old varieties of fruit, attend talks by speakers from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences or take part in one of the various weekend activities run by regional horticultural associations. Visitors can explore themed trails to find the answers to the questions in an interactive geo puzzle, which covers the three satellite sites of Schlachters (research station), Scheidegg (waterfalls) and Weiler (Hausbachklamm).

Further information is available on our German website.