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50 years of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences: The faces and stories

Linus Frank

Linus Frank completed his degree in Management of Renewable Energies in 2014. He is now the managing director of freisicht GmbH and, together with his colleagues, makes the world’s first fully adjustable glasses frame made from solid wood. We have covered our graduates’ careers and how they took an initial idea and grew it into a business previously*.

The glasses frame, which unlike other wooden glasses frames is not coated, is available from selected opticians. A sunglasses collection also launched on the market at the start of this year. Linus tells us: "For the very first time, it is now possible for end customers to order save sunglasses online, finally – it took five years ;)"

Those interested can find the world’s first solid wooden sunglasses at the following link:

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