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50 years of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences: The faces and stories

Jürgen Pfänder

Jürgen Pfänder completed his degree in agriculture at the HSWT Triesdorf campus in 1993. He has used the skills and expertise he learned during this course to manage his farm in Ohrnbach, Middle Franconia in a sustainable manner, taking advantage of regional cycles. The Pfänder farm comprises over 250 ha of land and some 2000 pigs, and runs a biogas plant with a rated output of approximately 500 kW and a dual building structure. This allows power to be flexibly fed into the grid. Two tractors run on rapeseed oil from a nearby oil mill. Jürgen Pfänder was nominated for the CeresAward in 2017 for his "passion and entrepreneurial spirit [...] in support of the environment." The title of Farmer of the Year is awarded each year to the best farmers in the German-speaking world who have made an outstanding contribution to agriculture.