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Corinna Esterer

Corinna Esterer completed her degree in Environmental Engineering at our university in 2014. During her practical training semester, she joined the team researching the bald ibis, and has since been working on a project aimed at the repopulation of this migratory bird. The bald ibis – considered a delicacy and therefore subject to intensive hunting – became extinct in Central Europe in the 17th century. As part of the project run by the bald ibis team, therefore, young birds are raised in captivity and guided to their winter migration site in Tuscany by ultra-light aircraft, because the species has lost its natural migration instinct. It is the first ever attempt to reintroduce a species of migratory bird that has become extinct in this country, whereby the birds are again exhibiting the migratory behaviour of their ancestors.

You can find out more about the bald ibis project at: