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Ideas and complaints

Ideas and complaints

The 'management of suggestions, ideas and complaints' involves the planning, implementation and review of all procedures followed at the HSWT in this respect. On the one hand, this work consists of resolving deficiencies in quality that have caused dissatisfaction and, on the other hand, it encompasses the avoidance of defective procedures and the suggestion of improvements. Complaint management is an integral part of quality assurance.

Your opinion is important to us

The HSWT sees itself as a service provider for its students. As a university that constantly strives for efficiency, we always endeavour to maintain open lines of communication with our students, lecturers and staff. All forms of student feedback, from suggestions and comments to criticisms, are welcomed and taken fully on board. In fact, we believe that first-hand experiences should be used to improve the quality especially of our courses and teaching, as well as to increase your level of satisfaction.

This is where you come in! Please write to us if you are dissatisfied and provide us with constructive advice if you have noticed something that we could do better. We’d also love to hear from you if there is anything you are particularly happy with or if you wish to praise a particular member of staff.

Further ways of getting in touch

You can contact us by email or use the letter boxes at the Student.Service offices in Freising and Triesdorf. Contact forms are available at the Student.Service offices.


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