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University support association (Förderkreis)

University support association (Förderkreis)

What is the university support association (Förderkreis)?

Since its foundation in 1988, the Förderkreis der Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf e.V. (HSWT university support association) has been assisting the university in organising the Weihenstephan Day event at which the university’s top graduates are recognised (see image above).

Objectives and tasks

  • Provide HSWT with both financial and non-financial support
  • Establish and maintain a lobby for HSWT
  • Promote events relating to continuing education
  • Propose and support current development projects and tasks within applied research
  • Make new research and development findings available, particularly to medium-sized companies
  • Recognise exceptional student theses and achievements
  • Establish closer links with foreign educational institutions
  • Provide assistance in organising the annual academic award ceremony
  • Assist the university's marketing team in promoting the courses offered at HSWT within the region and beyond

Who can become a member?

Any individuals or legal entities, companies, or associations wishing to support Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences can become members. In addition to non-financial support, financial support in the form of membership fees is also important.

How much do membership fees cost?

Small companies€100-250
Medium-sized companies€250-500
Large companies€500-2,500
AssociatonsStarting from €300


What benefits do members enjoy?

  • Active participation in the life of the university through regular bulletins and invitations to university events
  • Professors from various specialist areas are available as partners
  • Concessions for seminars


Rolf Lynen

Vorsitzender des Förderkreises
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