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... where "the focus is on the connection to the products and to food".

Triesdorf: Life in Germany’s smallest student town

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Welcome to the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition

The Department of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition is located on the Triesdorf campus, where it is an integral part of "Bildungszentrum Triesdorf", an educational centre for nutrition, energy, agriculture, food and environment, the only one of its kind in Germany. The centre's close integration with state-of-the-art infrastructure creates valuable synergies that provide many benefits for the applied university programme.

The Department of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition's range of programmes seeks to build a clear profile in the "Food Value Chain" core area, with Bachelor's degree programmes in Agriculture (since 1971), Foodstuff Management (2008), Nutrition and Food Supply Management (2001) and Agricultural Engineering (2012) and Master's degree programmes in International Agriculture Management (1994) and Regional Management (2004). It aims to prepare high-performing young talent for careers in the agri-food industry, the fourth largest economic sector in Germany based on employment and value creation.

Ten good reasons for studying in Triesdorf

  • Internationally acclaimed and modern university at the Triesdorf educational centre for agriculture, food and the environment (Triesdorfer Bildungszentrum für Landwirtschaft, Ernährung und Umwelt)
  • Individual mentoring from the start with close contacts between students and lecturers
  • Work in small groups; a manageable campus
  • Unique coaching & career management programme to help students enter their chosen field; mentoring of students by business leaders
  • Superb opportunities in the labour market
  • Close practical relevance through internships, projects and contacts with industry
  • Cooperation with over 30 foreign universities and many opportunities for internships and studying abroad
  • High level of student participation in universities and working groups
  • Sufficient accommodation with reasonable living costs
  • A wide-ranging sport and leisure offering around the Franconia Lakes


Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Fakultät Landwirtschaft, Lebensmittel und Ernährung
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