Claim Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf - University of Applied Sciences


Buchmeier Anton

Prof. Dr Anton Buchmeier

Informatics, Mathematics, Statistics

T +49 8161 71-5246
anton.buchmeier [at]

Hannus Thomas

Prof. Dr Thomas Hannus

Retail management

T +49 8161 71-5879
thomas.hannus [at]

Hauser Bernhard

Prof. Dr Bernhard Hauser

Ornamental horticulture, plant breeding

T +49 8161 71-3363
bernhard.hauser [at]

Henning Volker

Prof. Dr Volker Henning

Vegetable cultivation

T +49 8161 71-4541
volker.henning [at]

Hertle Bernd

Prof. Dr Bernd Hertle

Ornamental-Plant Cultivation

T +49 8161 71-4218
bernd.hertle [at]

Prof. Dr-Ing. Vladimir Ilberg

Food technology, process technology

T +49 8161 71-5030
T +49 8161 147756
vladimir.ilberg [at]

Jakob Eckhard

Prof. Dr Eckhard Jakob

Chemistry, food analytics, food law

T +49 8161 71-6443
eckhard.jakob [at]

Kittemann Dominikus

Prof. Dr Dominikus Kittemann

Fruit Production, Postharvest Physiology and Storage, Tree Nursery

T +49 8161 71-4548
dominikus.kittemann [at]

Krusche Stefan

Prof. Dr Stefan Krusche

Business administration

T +49 8161 71-4027
stefan.krusche [at]

Kuss Carola

Prof. Dr Carola Kuss

Food technology, product development

T +49 8161 71-5940
carola.kuss [at]

Prof. Dr Thomas Lötzbeyer

Chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry

T +49 8161 71-5949
thomas.loetzbeyer [at]

Prof. Dr. Johannes Max

Plant nutrition

T +49 8161 71-4515
johannes.max [at]

Meinken Elke

Prof. Dr Elke Meinken

Soil science, plant nutrition

T +49 8161 71-3658
elke.meinken [at]

Mempel Heike

Prof. Dr Heike Mempel

Greenhouse technology, maintaining post-harvest quality, heating technology

T +49 8161 71-5853
heike.mempel [at]

Menrad Klaus

Prof. Dr Klaus Menrad

Marketing, renewable resources

T +49 8161 71-5410
klaus.menrad [at]

Prof. Dr Sebastian Peisl

Principles of physics and engineering, Open-Land Process Engineering

T +49 8161 71-5248
sebastian.peisl [at]

Prof. Dr Alexander Steck

Process Engineering and Digitisation

T +49 8161 71-5228
alexander.steck [at]

Stoffels-Schmid Marion

Prof. Dr Marion Stoffels-Schmid

Principles of biology / microbiology, hygiene, risk management and product safety

T +49 8161 71-4502
marion.stoffels [at]

Werner Franz

Prof. Dr-Ing. Franz Werner

Physics and Elements of Mechanical and Apparatus Engineering; Technical Communication; Stirring, Blending, Crushing and Rheology

T +49 8161 71-5623
franz.werner [at]

Zange Birgit

Prof. Dr Birgit Zange

Plant protection, botany

T +49 8161 71-3362
birgit.zange [at]

Special lecturers

Nirit Havardi-Burger

Quality Management
Ornamental Plants

T +49 8161 71-4395
nirit.havardi-burger [at]


Robert Fischer

Safety representative, supervision of work placement students

T +49 8161 71-5142
robert.fischer [at]

Alexander Forster

Supervision of the practical laboratory course for plant nutrition
Substrate, soil and plant analyses

T +49 8161 71-5621
alexander.forster [at]

Benjamin Göbel

Food technician

T +49 8161 71-5073
benjamin.goebel [at]

Bernhard Hadler

EDP support (Department of Horticulture and Food Technology)

T +49 8161 71-2412
bernhard.hadler [at]

Heinke Anne Dorothea

Anne Dorothea Heinke

Plant protection laboratory, foodstuff microbiology laboratory

T +49 8161 71-5125
T +49 8161 71-6410
anne.heinke [at]

Julian Hobmeier

Department Chair's administrative office

T +49 8161 71-3378
julian.hobmeier [at]

Hoffmann Torsten

Torsten Hoffmann

Work placement support

T +49 8161 71-3920
torsten.hoffmann [at]

Josef Loibl

Department Chair's Staff

T +49 8161 71-4676
josef.loibl [at]

Dr des. Teresa Pancritius

Department Chair's Staff

T +49 8161 71-3963
teresa.pancritius [at]

Florian Schnagl

EDP-assistance in department GL

T +49 8161 71-4405
florian.schnagl [at]

Thorand Fabian

Fabian Thorand

Dairy Laboratory Technician for Food Technology B.Sc.

T +49 8161 71-6411
T +49 8161 71-6424 (preparation lab)
fabian.thorand [at]

Part-time Lecturers

Dr Armin Baiker

Genetic Engineering

Josef Beck

Basic Physics and Agro-Meteorology
Physic - Technical Mechanics and Flow Mechanics

Dr Michael Beck

Vegetables Grown under Protection
Herbs, Spices and Mushrooms
Open-Land Process Engineering

Daniel Berki-Kiss


Malte Anselm Beyer

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Gordian Bihrer

Operation and Market

Buchmeier Tatjana

Tatjana Buchmeier


Martina Burghard

Vocational Education

Teresa Dufter

3D Food Printing

Dr Roland Feilner

Process technology

Dietmar Freihalter

Grave-Care Gardening

Jörg Freimuth

Public Relations

Franz Friedel

Basic Computing

Simon Goisser

Technology in the Greenhouse

Nicola Haldenwang

Occupational Health and Safety

Jutta Harms


Dr Heidi Heuberger

Herbs, Spices and Mushrooms

Dr. Nicole Hilbrandt

General and Inorganic, Physical Chemistry
Basic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Dr Mirco Hilck


Dr-Ing. Jürgen Hofmann

Hygienic Design

Ivonne Jüttner

Vocational Education

Prof. h.c. Dr Christian Magerl

Environmental Protection

Dr Peter Muranyi

Food Preservation and Packaging

Dr Klaus Noller

Food Preservation and Packaging

Prof. Dr Georg Ohmayer

Experimental Working

Dietmar Prucker

Technical Drawing

Jakob Rannertshauser

Technology in Horticulture

Dr Hans Jürgen Reents

Organic Farming

Prof. Dr Dirk Rehmann

(Bio-)Technology of Foods

dirk.rehmann [at]

Gabriele Reichold

Moderation, negotiation and conflict management
Project management
Communication in crisis management

Dr Klaus Rieblinger

Toxic Ingredients

Dr Frank Rittig

Enzyme Technology

Isabell Rothkopf

Chocolate technology

Denis Rühmann


Dr Steffen Waldenmaier

Tree-Nursery Management
Tree-Nursery Cultures
Special Tree-Nursery Science

Dr Ute Weisz

Food Preservation and Packaging
Grain Technology

Sabine Wittmann

Quality Management

Dr Jörg Zacharias

Process Engineering

Michael Zehentbauer