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Department of Bioengineering Sciences

Department of Bioengineering Sciences

Hygiene plan: Tests now included!

Students and lecturers now take a rapid test before each practical.

Waiting in line for the microbiology course
Practical course in process automation: NAO’s following the rules!
Microbiology course: All hygiene rules are followed to the letter
Prepared workstation
Working with distance to each other
Working in the Biotech laboratory
Working together is going smoothly – even at a distance
Working together is going smoothly – even at a distance
Practical course in Sensor Technology: Smelling, tasting, testing
Practical course in beverage microbiology: specially prepared, separate workstations
Practical course in beverage microbiology: Using a microscope in difficult conditions
Sensor technology: Smelling, tasting, testing – together with students via Zoom
Sensor technology: Smelling, tasting, testing – together with students via Zoom
Working with face shields
Working with face shields

Department of Bioengineering Sciences

The name of our department is synonymous with scientifically based, practical teaching which prepares students for a career in engineering. Our courses draw on fundamental biological aspects which students need to understand so that they can apply them in a targeted, sustainable way. Our Bachelor’s degree programmes provide students with a professional qualification and stand out for their direct practical relevance and solid scientific foundations. In our department, a total of around 700 students are enrolled on the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor's programme in Biotechnology
  • Bachelor's programme in Bioprocess Informatics
  • Bachelor's programme in Brewing and Beverage Technology
  • Master's programme in Biotechnology / Bioengineering

All Bachelor’s degree programmes include a practical semester, which – like the students’ dissertation work – is generally completed in industry or in a research institute. Since being founded in 1990 to offer courses in Biotechnology, we are constantly maintaining and expanding our network of companies (incl. in the biopharmaceutical industry and process technologies, breweries as well as start-ups) and institutions (e.g. Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Fraunhofer Society and Max Planck Society) where our graduates are successfully employed. These are both in the region as well as far beyond. Approximately 100 students go abroad each year. Our courses place very high demands on our students, but in exchange, the career prospects in these sectors are excellent.

Career advice at the faculty

The department has its own careers advice office. Here students receive support with searching for employment and the application process. In addition to this they have the opportunity to acquire key competencies in seminars and workshops.

We are pleased to also offer students the opportunity to make use of the university's Career Center.


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Department management

Insights into the Department of Bioengineering Sciences

In our virtual laboratory, our motivated students carried out lots of exciting experiments for Girls’ Day, in addition to their usual work.

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