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Centre for Studies and Continuing Education (Zentrum für Studium und Weiterbildung – ZSW)

Centre for Studies and Continuing Education (Zentrum für Studium und Weiterbildung – ZSW)

Current information and tutorials

Digital Teaching Competence Team

The Digital Teaching Competence Team offers teachers:

  • help in the form of advice on the basics of using digital teaching formats through to technical implementation
  • support through training and personal advice on the use of e-learning tools with audio-visual media
  • coordination and advice on the use of virtual course rooms, user training, first- and second-level support

Further recommendations and guidelines to do with online teaching and examination formats (in German):

Empfehlung für die Online-Lehre / Fernlehre
Handreichung für alternative Prüfungsformate
Gruppenabgabe und Bewertung über Moodle
Hinweise zur Durchführung von gelungenen Webkonferenzen
Handreichung zur Anrechnung von eLearning Aktivitäten auf das Deputat
Leitfaden zur Beantragung und Anrechnung auf das Deputat
Vorschläge zur Einholung eines individuellen Feedbacks
Vorlage für Moodle (in "Feedback" importieren)

Quality of teaching

The success of HSWT largely depends on the quality of courses offered and the quality of teaching.
In the first instance, responsibility for a pioneering standard of teaching primarily lies with the departments; at ZSW, they are assisted in both technical and methodical terms by Quality Management/Department 4 of the President’s Office:

  • through the provision and preparation of statistical data (e.g. application situation, study progress control, module inventory, load and resource statistics)
  • through the central supply of data for creating informative teaching reports (as the basis of internal department analyses and measures)
  • through the provision of statistical data on the success of studies within study programmes and semesters
  • through support for accreditation

Continuing education

Preparations are under way to develop a plan for HSWT’s future continuing education programme, which will be consistently geared towards the university’s focal areas and will also cover the future organisation and handling of continuing education activities, among other things.

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