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Many of our courses involve the use of Moodle. This provides access to large amounts of additional information and ample opportunities for self-study. The course lecturer will supply you with the appropriate password.

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Language Centre Library Weihenstephan

The library, located in Room C4.204, stocks novels, comics, magazines, audiobooks and DVDs in all the languages taught at the Language Centre. The library stock is constantly being added to. New acquisitions can be found in the library catalogue (OPAC) of the main library for 4 weeks under "Recent accessions".

Click on the library homepage for opening times and information about borrowing.

Tools to assess your language level

If you'd like to test your language level yourself, you'll find the necessary links here.

Please note: These tests do not replace the general language test or the electronic assessment test used, for example, to ascertain students' levels for courses at the Language Centre.




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