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HSWT International School

Internationally, there is great demand for application-based academic training and continuing education, as well as knowledge transfer services in all subject areas. HSWT is able to meet this demand thanks to the outstanding application-based training and continuing education based on the successful HSWT model. In this context, the recently founded 'HSWT International School for Applied Life Sciences HIS-ALS' (HIS-ALS) acts as a global ambassador for HSWT for training, continuing education and knowledge transfer. The HIS-ALS is active across different campuses, departments and disciplines. The HIS-ALS aims to make the HSWT model internationally known and thereby boost the international profile and appeal of HSWT. Furthermore, as part of HSWT, HIS-ALS contributes to the economic and social development of the target countries. The tasks of HIS-ALS include the initiation and implementation of international knowledge transfer and international training and continuing education from the HSWT portfolio in close coordination with the university's departments and centres. The range of courses on offer is comprised of subjects from the standard programme of study and the expertise of HSWT and its partners with courses lasting from one week to several months with clearly differentiated subjects. The courses can be held face-to-face, online or a combination of the two. They can also be supplemented by internships at home or abroad. There is also high demand for support in establishing and operating training, competence and application centres abroad. The HIS-ALS programme will focus on scientific support.

Postgraduate course from 2018