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Centre for International Affairs

Centre for International Affairs

In an environment subject to increasing globalisation, internationalisation is one of the most important tasks on Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf’s agenda. The role of the Centre for International Affairs (ZI) is to combine and coordinate the international activities and internationalisation efforts of all of HSWT’s organisational units. It is led by the Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Dr Carsten Lorz. The Centre for International Affairs brings together the International Office, Funding and Career Service (IFC), the Language Centre and the HSWT International School. Its primary function is to strategise and coordinate internationalisation efforts at the university and it operates within the framework of the 'HSWT goes International' strategy, the motto of which is: 'Making HSWT more international'. It is supported in this by the project team of the Centre for International Affairs. The main focus is on achieving four strategic objectives: to strengthen students’ intercultural skills, to promote a culture that embraces people of all nationalities, to increase the international mobility of university members, and to expand international structures. The Centre for International Affairs works closely with the Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer (ZFW) and the Centre for Studies and Continuing Education (ZSW). It is the main point of contact for international activities and projects, provides advice and support to university departments with regard to internationalisation, and addresses the suggestions, ideas and needs of the departments. When it comes to implementing internationalisation measures, the main focus is on collaboration and the pooling of resources. The synergy that results from these collaborations emphasises the wide-reaching nature of internationalisation across different locations, subjects, status groups and organisational units.


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Centre for International Affairs
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