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Gender and Diversity

Gender and Diversity

What are women's affairs and equal opportunities officers?

Women's affairs and equal opportunities officers support university management, the senate and the departments in implementing equal opportunities for women and men across all levels. They encourage female scientists, teaching staff, employees and students to achieve their goals. Women's affairs officers are contacts for female students and scientific employees, equal opportunities officers for all non-scientific employees.

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More on the work of the equal opportunities officers.

Total E-Quality Award: HSWT is recognised for equal opportunities

The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences has been honoured for “equal opportunities and diversity, which are firmly rooted in, and practised by, the organisation”. Total E-Quality presented the university with its eponymous award as the result of an extensive application process. In their explanatory statement, the jury said that HSWT created equal conditions for all employees, and also promoted women’s careers. There is continuous dialogue regarding gender and diversity issues on all levels. The university specifically wants to meet the demands of diversity and to continue to develop its strengths.

HSWT's total E-Quality Award

What we can offer female students


The aim of BayernMentoring is to provide professional support and encouragement for young women on scientific and technical courses. One particular way this takes place is by interacting with professional women from business and experienced female students. Furthermore, participants get the opportunity to visit seminars and workshops all over Bavaria and locally.

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In addition, anybody that wants to get involved and network as a female mentor for female students can find out more about taking part in the CyberMentor programme here.


There are a variety of organisations that award scholarships to different target groups. However, every year the total amount on offer is far from exhausted. The women's affairs officers would therefore like to encourage female students to apply for a scholarship. A general overview of scholarships along with a comprehensive compilation of them can be found at:

In addition, there are also scholarships aimed exclusively at women. The following list is intended to just give you an idea and is by no means exhaustive:

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Maternity leave extended to students

The new Maternity Protection Act entered into force on 01.01.2018. More information can be found here:

Pregnancy during your studies

Students with children

Information for students with children can be found here.

What's on offer for (trainee) female scientists

"Into the lecture halls"

"Into the lecture halls" is an initiative started at the conference for women's affairs officers at universities of applied sciences in Bavaria (LaKoF) and supports female scientists interested in a professorship at a university, a teaching position at a university in Bavaria or wanting to gain an overview of universities in Bavaria.
Information evenings and seminars on academia as a career and the application process are regularly offered by LaKoF. Current dates and other information can be found
If you are interested in a teaching position, please contact the women's affairs officer of the respective department.

Time limitations according to the WissZeitVG law

In the guidelines for Bavarian state universities for the handling of time limitations according to the WissZeitVG of 19.03.2015, Section 3, inter alia, stipulates that, at the request of expectant mothers or fathers, talks with the supervisor may be arranged, which may, at the request of the expectant mother or father, be held in consultation with the Faculty’s serving women’s affairs officers.

The guidelines (in German) can be found here.

Why should you become a professor at a university of applied sciences?

How do female professors view their work at a university of applied sciences? What is important to them, and why did they choose this career? Watch the following film to find out about women’s career prospects as professors.

Flyer: Becoming a professor

    Female scientists

    The Office of the President, Department 8 – Gender & Diversity, regularly runs seminars, lectures, workshops and training sessions for female scientists.

    Find out more at:

    Weihenstephan Campus / Straubing Site:
    Birgit Kasper, Office of the President - Department 8 – Gender & Diversity
    T +49 8161 - 71 6315
    birgit.kasper [at]

    Triesdorf Campus:
    Denise Canik, Office of the President - Department 8 – Gender & Diversity (Mon - Thu)
    T +49 9826 - 654 349
    denise.canik [at]

    Bavarian Centre for Higher Education Didactics

    The Bavarian Centre for Higher Education Didactics (DiZ) in Ingolstadt offers a comprehensive further education programme, for example, on "diversity and gender competence in teaching".
    You can find the DiZ programme here.

    Bavarian State Institute for Higher Education Research and Planning

    Information on current Bavarian higher education policy, conferences and publications (including on the subject of gender) can be found here.

    National database of female professors

    This is provided by LaKoF Baden-Württemberg and includes networking opportunities. here's the flyer with . Click here for the latest flyer on workshops, seminars and information and on the professional field, application processes and appointment procedures (in German).

    Women's network

    The following list contains a selection of women’s networks:

    Center of Excellence, Woman and Science
    Knowledge and information portal for professional women and female mentors of the German Association of Women Engineers
    German Association of Women Engineers
    Business and Professional Woman e.V.

    What we can offer female school pupils

    HSWT wants to arouse interest in scientific and technical university courses among female school pupils. For example, the locations participate in an annual national Girls' Day.

    The Straubing Center of Science organises numerous informational events for school classes and female and male pupils in cooperation with TUM (Technische Universität München).

    Details of the events at our locations: Weihenstephan Triesdorf Straubing

    Social advisory services

    Services from HSWT extend beyond the pure transfer of knowledge. There is support and advice for all university members in difficult situations. Please find out more at your location.

    Weihenstephan Triesdorf

    Vice President - International Affairs and Diversity

    University's women's affairs officer

    Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
    Am Staudengarten 1
    Gebäude D1.436
    85354 Freising

    University’s deputy women's affairs officer

    Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
    Steingruberstraße 2
    Room A.116.2
    91746 Weidenbach

    Information material

    Flyer Gender and Diversity
    (in German)

    Leaflet on gender-neutral language

    Leaflet on gender-neutral language

    Leaflet on protection against discrimination and harassment

    Leaflet on protection against discrimination and harassment

    Leaflet on flexible childcare

    Flyer Flexible Kinderbetreuung für studentische Mütter und Väter

    2016-2020 strategy for the advancement of women at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

    Strategy for the advancement of women