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Student Representatives

Student Representatives

Students participate in the running of the university through their elected representatives in the various bodies of the university (Art. 52 Bavarian Higher Education Act). The bodies with student representatives are:

The Student Parliament (Studierendenparlament)

The Student Parliament is a committee established in accordance with Article 52 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG).

Composition of the Student Parliament:

  • the two student representatives in the Senate
  • three members of each of the Departmental Student Councils (department representatives)
  • twelve other elected student representatives.

In accordance with HSWT’s constitution (Section 54, Paragraph 1), the Student Parliament has the following duties:

  • taking care of cross-departmental matters affecting students
  • helping students to form their own opinions
  • helping the university to perform its duties (Article 2 BayHSchG), in particular by voicing opinions on fundamental matters concerning university policy resulting from the participation of student representatives in the bodies of the university
  • representing the academic, financial, social and cultural interests of students
  • promoting gender equality among students
  • promoting the needs of students with disabilities
  • promoting the intellectual, musical and sporting interests of students
  • helping to maintain good relationships between German and international students.

The Student Parliament representatives change every year, with new members being elected in the annual university elections.

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The members of the Student Parliament be found on the German page for the student represetatives.

Representative Council (Sprecherinnen- und Sprecherrat)

The Representative Council works with the Student Parliament to perform the tasks listed above and implements the resolutions made by the Student Parliament.

The Representative Council comprises six members who are elected by the Student Parliament and must also not be members of the Student Parliament.

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The members of the Representative Council be found on the German page for the student represetatives.

Departmental Student Councils (Fachschaftsvertretungen)

The Departmental Student Councils perform the tasks listed above in the respective departments.

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