Guide to pregnancy during your studies

Current information can be found here and in the leaflet "Schwanger im Studium" ("Pregnancy during your studies").

Organise your studies

HSWT student parents must fulfil a double-role: simultaneously graduating successfully from their studies while also ensuring the care and upbringing of one or more children.

This requires an exceptionally high degree of organisation, so you should be sure to plan your semester in good time.  Am I entitled to a leave of absence? Can I save up academic credits? How many events may I attend? Whom should I contact if I have questions? Is there any financial support?

Departmental student advisors and teaching staff can advise students on individual courses of study, covering topics such as course content, examination regulations, course structure, crediting academic performance and direct organisation of studies. Don’t delay in getting in touch!

The Faculty’s women’s affairs officers and the university’s women’s affairs officer are available to you for personal consultation. Arrange an appointment!

Leave for student parents

Students are eligible to take parental leave. Parental leave can be granted up to the semester in which the child turns three years old.

A leave of absence is only possible from the student’s second semester onwards. During this period, however, coursework and examinations can still be carried out.

During a leave of absence, the student is not eligible for funding according to the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG). There may, however, be grounds for support in the form of ALG II (unemployment benefit).

Further information and the application (please observe the deadlines) can be found here.

Flexible childcare grant for students with children (student mothers and fathers)

What do we offer?

In 'atypical' circumstances, we can support you financially in arranging your own childcare. This is classed as emergency childcare. It is not intended to cover private appointments and is to be used only in the event of childcare issues related to your studies.

For more information, please download this leaflet in PDF format:

Flexible childcare grant leaflet (in German)

Organisational responsibility for Weihenstephan:Christiane Setzwein, Assistant to the Women's Affairs Officer,, T +49 8161/71-6316

The application form and other forms can be found here (in German):

Application for flexible childcare – Students with children

Flexible childcare – Invoice

Organisational responsibility for Weihenstephan:
Jasmin Schneider, Assistant to the Women's Affairs Officer, T +49 9826/654 - 346

The application form and other forms can be found here (in German):

Application for flexible childcare – Students with children

Flexible childcare – Invoice

Financial support for students with children

Studentenhilfe München offers grants for mothers and fathers who are in education

The Hildegardis Association and the Sozialdienst katholischer Frauan (Catholic Women’s Welfare Service) offer support for student single mothers with their "Madame Courage" project.

Free meals for children in the canteen (Weihenstephan campus)

In the Munich Students’ Union canteens and student cafés, students’ children (up to six years) receive lunch free of charge. Parents can have a “child’s ticket” issued at the service offices and info points by presenting their enrolment certificate and their child’s birth certificate. In Weihenstephan, the info point can be found in the TU canteen building. If one parent orders two meals with one child, the cheapest one is always free.

Free meals for children in the Mensateria (Triesdorf campus)

Children of students (aged up to 10 years) are entitled to a free lunch in the Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Union Mensateria in Triesdorf. An application form for a children’s meal card can be requested from the canteen manager or their representative. The child’s meal is served free of charge with the parent’s meal. In order to qualify for the free child’s portion, however, the parent must pay for their own meal.

All the details about children’s portions (in German) can be found here.

Parent and child room for students with children

Parent/child rooms are available at both of the HSWT campuses for a better balance between studying and family for students with children. The rooms are equipped with the following:

  • PC workstation with internet access
  • Telephone for internal calls
  • Changing table
  • Rest and breastfeeding facilities
  • Toys, children’s books, painting utensils

The parent and child room is freely accessible. Users are requested to sign in anonymously on the list inside the room (student) and to enter the time at which they entered and left the facility, as well as any remarks or suggestions.

The terms of use and information on the German Act on Protection Against Infection (Infektionsschutzgesetz) in German are available here.

Location of the room in Weihenstephan:
Building on Pappelallee C4.210 – Ground floor, Weihenstephaner Berg 5

Location of the room in Triesdorf:
Building A, A.203 – 2nd floor, lift available, Steingruberstraße 2

Organisational responsibility for Weihenstephan: Christiane Setzwein, T +49 8161 71-6316

Organisational responsibility for Triesdorf: Susann Köhler, T +49 9826 654-338

Childcare at the Weihenstephan campus

Students’ babies and toddlers are taken care of in the Student Union’s Kindervilla kindergarten or in the Krabbelstube crèche. 

Kindervilla Dr. Gudula Wernekke-Rastetter
Am Weihenstephaner Steig 17
85354 Freising, Germany
T +49 8161 71-5869
kindervilla[at], theresa.thalhammer[at]

Weihenstephan Krabbelstube crèche
Emil-Erlenmeyer-Forum 4
85354 Freising, Germany
T/F +49 8161 12706 or T +49 8161 71-5068
(Please do not call from 12.00 p.m. – 2.15 p.m. – afternoon nap!)

Registration form for Weihenstephan Krabbelstube crèche (in German)

Furthermore, there is the "Kinder(t)räume" kindergarten founded as a parent initiative

Kinder(t)räume Weihenstephan
(for children from two to six years)
Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 5 (in the rear part of the canteen building)
85354 Freising, Germany
T: +49 8161 71-5140
info [at]

Flexible childcare (excluding mornings) can be booked through family services (see below).

Weihenstephan family services

On the family services at Weihenstephan website, you will find information on the available childcare services at Krabbelstube (crèche) and Kinderträume (kindergarten). There are also additional services available, such as holiday care, craft days and babysitter placement.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Monika Laschinger from family services directly.

Ms Monika Laschinger
Familienservice WZW
Mobile: +49 174 6954895

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Childcare opportunities in Triesdorf

For students in Triesdorf, the Ev.-Luth. “Haus des Kindes” (children’s house) "Polarstern" in Weidenbach provides warm and welcoming childcare services.

The Municipality of Weidenbach has a "multi-generation house" which offers a wide range of services.

University Community of Freising

The University Community of Freising offers regular meet ups and informational events for students with children.

  • Advice for students with children, information on legal and financial issues and childcare services.
  • Meet-ups for students with children (find details on our website)
  • Workshops for student parents
  • Furthermore, student parents organise a "learn and play group", enabling one parent to take care of the children so that the others can study.

Contact: Diana Seifert and Brigitte Ebertseder

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Life with children in Freising

Student parents can find information about leisure activities for children in Freising here:

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Life with children in the Ansbach area

Parents can find information and opportunities for leisure activities in the Ansbach area here:

Women's Affairs Officer

Women's Affairs Officer in Triesdorf

Assistant to the Women's Affairs Officer

Assistant to the Women's Affairs Officer

Equal opportunities coordinator