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Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering

... where "it’s all about the environment" and "knowing what’s happening in it".

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Technology transfer at the Department of Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering degree programme specialises in the areas of soil, water and waste management. Technical, biochemical, and earth science fields are covered, as well as law and economics.

Specialist laboratories and a technical centre for process engineering are available for tackling the most diverse questions and problems, and boast state-of-the-art equipment, some of which is unique among universities of applied sciences. For example, there is a simultaneous atomic emissions spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma excitation.

Examples of knowledge and technology transfer are:

  • Development of concepts in the area of waste technology
  • Examination of drinking water quality depending on the piping material used
  • Life cycle assessment of contaminated soil
  • Water quality studies
  • Physics and control engineering in connection with renewable energies
  • Applied process engineering (design, testing of systems and equipment, development of special software)
  • Optimisation of disposal concepts in the context of fast food biomonitoring
  • Ecosystem inventories


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