Claim Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf - University of Applied Sciences


Prof. Dr Bernhard Bauer

Horticulture, plant protection and grassland

T +49 9826 654-209
bernhard.bauer [at]

Breunig Peter

Prof. Dr Peter Breunig

Marketing, market theory

T +49 9826 654-217
peter.breunig [at]

Doßmann Michael

Prof. Dr Michael Doßmann

Foodstuff technology and management

T +49 9826 654-230
michael.dossmann [at]

Durst Leonhard

Prof. Dr Leonhard Durst

Animal nutrition, Animal feed science

T +49 9826 654-221
leonhard.durst [at]

Eckhardt Klaus

Prof. Dr Klaus Eckhardt

Physics, engineering mathematics

T +49 9826 654-207
klaus.eckhardt [at]

Erdmann Johannes

Prof. Dr med. Johannes Erdmann

Nutritional medicine

T +49 9826 654-239
johannes.erdmann [at]

Geißendörfer Manfred

Prof. Dr Manfred Geißendörfer

Agricultural Policy, Rural Development and Regional Management

T +49 9826 654-245
manfred.geissendoerfer [at]

Prof. Dr Jennifer Gerend

Regional Management and Social-scientific Methods

T +49 9826 654-206
jennifer.gerend [at]

Göbel Bernhard

Prof. Dr Bernhard Göbel

Soil and plant nutrition

T +49 9826 654-201
bernhard.goebel [at]

Gramß Rupert

Prof. Dr Rupert Gramß

Corporate management, organisation, human resources

T +49 9826 654-226
rupert.gramss [at]

Greiner Michael

Prof. Dr Michael Greiner

Food service, catering

T +49 9826 654-227
michael.greiner [at]

Groß Ulrich

Prof. Dr Ulrich Groß

Agricultural engineering and processing technology

T +49 9826 654-219
ulrich.gross [at]

Holzner Johannes

Prof. Dr Johannes Holzner

Applied agricultural business administration and corporate planning

T +49 9826 654-232
johannes.holzner [at]

Janetzke Philipp

Prof. Dr Philipp Janetzke

ERP systems and workflow management, business information systems, business mathematics

T +49 9826 654-302
philipp.janetzke [at]

Jaquemoth Mirjam

Prof. Dr Mirjam Jaquemoth

Household economics, consumer policy, accounting

T +49 9826 654-258
mirjam.jaquemoth [at]

Kurz Hariolf

Prof. Dr Hariolf Kurz

Agricultural Machinery Technology

T +49 9826 654-244
hariolf.kurz [at]

Machold Ulrike

Prof. Dr med. vet. Ulrike Machold

Quality and Safety of Foodstuffs of Animal Origin and Food Law

T +49 9826 654-208
ulrike.machold [at]

Michels Paul

Prof. Dr Paul Michels

Economics and market research

T +49 9826 654-224
paul.michels [at]

Nausch, PhD Lydia

Prof. Dr. Lydia Nausch, PhD

Biochemistry of nutrition

T +49 9826 654-255
lydia.nausch [at]

Noack Patrick Ole

Prof. Dr Patrick Ole Noack

Agricultural system technology

T +49 9826 654-242
patrick.noack [at]

Prof. Dr Wilhelm Pflanz

Animal science in ecological agriculture

T +49 9826 654-211
wilhelm.pflanz [at]

Rohse Stefan

Prof. Dr Stefan Rohse

Agricultural chemistry

T +49 9826 654-259
stefan.rohse [at]

Prof. Dr Jörg Rühle

Animal Nutrition, Animal Feed Science

T +49 9826 654-246
joerg.ruehle [at]

Smetanska Iryna

Prof. Dr-Ing. Dr. agr. Iryna Smetanska

Plant Production and Processing

T +49 9826 654-228
iryna.smetanska [at]

Wenzel Mathias

Prof. Dr Mathias Wenzel

Food chemistry

T +49 9826 654-257
mathias.wenzel [at]

Wilbois Klaus-Peter

Prof. Dr Klaus-Peter Wilbois

Plant production systems in ecological agriculture

T +49 9826 654-204
klaus-peter.wilbois [at]

Special Lecturers

Appeltauer-Brandl Ute

Dr Ute Appeltauer-Brandl

Biology, chemistry

T +49 9826 654-292
ute.appeltauer [at]

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andre Bengel

Crop Production, Botany

T +49 9826 654-299
andre.bengel [at]

Groß Eberhard

Dipl.-Ing.agr. (Univ.) Eberhard Groß

Meat and livestock industry

T +49 9826 654-220
eberhard.gross [at]

Helfert Julia

Dipl.-Biol. Julia Helfert

Biology, chemistry

T +49 9826 654-293
julia.helfert [at]

Hufnagel Rainer

Dr Rainer Hufnagel

Statistics, mathematics, IT

T +49 9826 654-291
rainer.hufnagel [at]

Dr Konrad Rudert

Mathematics, Physics

T +49 9826 654-298
konrad.rudert [at]

Research Assistants

Aristakesyan Aram

Dr Aram Aristakesyan

International Master's Degree Programme in Agricultural Management (MBA)

T +49 9826 654-236
aram.aristakesyan [at]

Saskia Meier

Livestock production

T +49 9826 654-358
saskia.meier [at]

Dr M.Sc. Bernd Müller

Postgraduate Training Course - Food Chains in Agriculture

T +49 9826 654-289
bernd.mueller [at]


Jonas Becker

Generation and processing of foodstuffs of plant origin

T +49 9826 654-348
jonas.becker [at]

Berthold Stefanie

B.Sc. Stefanie Berthold

Food Technology, Catering, Physics

T +49 9826 654-310
stefanie.berthold [at]

Beß Daniela

Daniela Beß

Soil science

T +49 9826 654-342
daniela.bess [at]

Beyer Stefan

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Beyer

Agricultural Engineering

T +49 9826 654-324
stefan.beyer [at]

Bimmer Anke

Anke Bimmer

Nutritional medicine

T +49 9826 654-330
anke.bimmer [at]

B.Sc. Johannes Brunner

Horticulture, soil science

T +49 9826 654-252
johannes.brunner [at]

Dengler Thomas

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Dengler

Agricultural economics

T +49 9826 654-325
thomas.dengler [at]

Helmut Geyer

Agricultural engineering

T +49 9826 654-223
helmut.geyer [at]

Herrmann Renate

Renate Herrmann

Chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology

T +49 9826 654-313
renate.herrmann [at]

Jan Herud


T +49 9826 654-350
jan.herud [at]

Helene Klaus

Administrative office for international Master's degree programme in Agriculture Management (MBA)

T +49 9826 654-235
lena.klaus [at]

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Susann Köhler

Agricultural economy; work-study (dual) degree programmes

T +49 9826 654-338
susann.koehler [at]

Kreß Philipp

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Philipp Kreß

Animal breeding and husbandry, animal nutrition

T +49 9826 654-332
philipp.kress [at]

Merk Renate

Renate Merk

Department Chair's office

T +49 9826 654-131
renate.merk [at]

Niederstraßer Jürgen

Jürgen Niederstraßer

Generation and processing of foodstuffs of plant origin

T +49 9826 654-301
juergen.niederstrasser [at]

Vadym Petrenko

Postgraduate Training Course - Food Chains in Agriculture

T +49 9826 654-304
vadym.petrenko [at]

B.Sc. Sarina Reichardt

Food chemistry, food technology

T +49 9826 654-340
sarina.reichardt [at]

Rupp Franziska

B.Sc. Franziska Rupp

International Master's degree programme in Agricultural Management (MBA)

T +49 9826 654-311
franziska.rupp [at]

B.Sc. Tanja Schachner

Food chemistry

T +49 9826 654-308
tanja.schachner [at]

Melissa Schlötterer

Department Chair's Office

T +49 9826 654-128
melissa.schloetterer [at]

Schmelzer Sebastian

Sebastian Schmelzer

Biology, chemistry

T +49 9826 654-309
sebastian.schmelzer [at]

Michael Schneider

Agricultural economics

T +49 9826 654-231
michael.schneider [at]

Schuh Christian

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Schuh

International Master's Degree Programme in Agricultural Management (MBA)

T +49 9826 654-303
christian.schuh [at]

Christian Schweiger

Agricultural engineering

T +49 9826 654-344
christian.schweiger [at]

Schweigert Bernhard

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Schweigert

Technology and Management

T +49 9826 654-334
bernhard.schweigert [at]

Thiel Brigitte

Brigitte Thiel

Animal nutrition

T +49 9826 654-316
brigitte.thiel [at]