Media services

The Computer Centre offers a wide range of digital media services. On this page you will find all the services offered by the Computer Centre that relate to the subject of new media.

Course and lecture recordings

The Computer Centre can record and digitise your course; this helps you develop an even more modern approach to teaching and significantly increases the learning opportunities available to students.

Computer Centre staff can readily record your lectures in lecture halls C4.341 or F9.362. Students can use the recordings to go over the course again and to revise for examinations.

Video Centre

The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Video Centre files, collects and supplies video files for direct use by the university itself.

This involves EDP staff uploading video content onto the media portal and then integrating it into Moodle courses or the university’s web pages. The Video Centre has been streaming courses and lectures since the winter semester 2012/2013.

Survey platform

With the new Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences website, a new survey platform for internet-based surveys has been installed. This means that you can set up a survey project for your thesis or scientific online market study through the Computer Centre. We can advise you and set up a survey for online research if required.

You can find more information in the Moodle Course 'Questback/EFSSurvey'.

Learning platform

When developing Moodle, attention was paid at all times to designing a system that would be as simple and uncomplicated as possible for all users; nonetheless, it can be useful sometimes to get a little help with the various Moodle functions.

The Computer Centre offers informative workshops that provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the system. The workshops are directed both at beginners and at experts who have already successfully mastered Moodle.

Appointment Planner

By agreement with DFN, simple appointment schedules can be created using this web-based tool. It is free to use and carries no advertising.

There are two versions of Appointment Planner:


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