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Lecture by Anuma Getachew as part of the virtual conference "The Coffee Value Chain and Higher Education: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice"
Agriculture Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Jamshid Khodjaev (3rd from right), accompanied by the Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Carsten Lorz (2nd from left), during the tour of the agricultural engineering classroom by the Dean of the Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems, Prof. Martin Spreidler (2nd from right) and Markus Storf (right) of the Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems
Guided tour with the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Jamshid Khodjaev (2nd from right), through the anatomy by Felix Versen (left) and Verena Rötzer (center)
President Dr. Eric Veulliet welcomes the delegation from Uzbekistan and a student from Uzbekistan from the international master’s course "Climate Change Management" in front of the Salettl (2021)
Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Carsten Lorz, explains the structure of the university to the delegation from Uzbekistan, representatives of the Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung for international cooperation and Sparkasse Freising (2021)
"Digital birthday cake" for the 20th anniversary of the IMLA (International Master of Landscape Architecture), which proportionally depicts the countries of origin of previous IMLA students (2021)
International students from Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Kenya and Togo from the International Bachelor's summer semester in Triesdorf during their visit to Weihenstephan (2021)
Prof. Carsten Lorz, Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity, welcomes the international students from the Bachelor summer semester in Triesdorf during their visit to Weihenstephan (2021)
Visit of the Ambassador of Senegal, H.E. Cheikh Tidiane Sall (3rd from left), to the Weihenstephan campus together with Ulrich Rieger from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (left) and Prof. Carsten Lorz, Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity at HSWT (right) (2021)
Digital seminar on "Urban change and the transformation of our cities" organized by Natalia Romano Brandt with a lecture by Martín Corvera on "Citizen protests and street art / interventions as a driving force in the visual transformation of Santiago de Chile" (2021)
Virtual workshop of the "Bavarian-Ethiopian Alliance for Applied Life Sciences" with participants from business, industry and the public sector from Germany and Ethiopia from the fields of agribusiness and food technology (2021)
IMLA students win second prize in the LE: NOTRE competition (2021) with new, innovative ideas for the landscape and infrastructure of the port island of Gdansk in Poland
Keynote speech by Prof. Carsten Lorz on "Agribusiness Opportunities in Ethiopia" within the framework of the 3rd Africa Day for companies at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (2021)
Digital bilingual exposure seminar on "ICT in Agriculture" with 24 specialists from ten different countries (2021)
Prof. Ingrid Schegk (HSWT) explains the planning principles of the Unipark Essen during an excursion of the IMLA (2020)
Guided tour on the Rhine promenade with Thomas Wündrich (Wündrich landscape architects) in Düsseldorf as part of an excursion by the IMLA (2020)
25 African participants of HSWT’s postgraduate course are taught online during the coronavirus crisis (2020)
A part of the IMLA group of 38 students from 20 different countries (2020)
IMLA excursion to the Murnauer Moos (2020)
Online cooking event for international students (2020)
Consortium of the international research project between Bavaria and the Czech Republic (2020)
Training Pact with Africa: Meeting at the Hawassa University in Ethiopia (2020)
Visit to the ‘Karubindi Dairy Farm’ in Uganda (2020)
Cooperation agreement between HSWT and Thailand’s Khon Kaen University (2020)
Demonstration of the rain simulator in front of the Thai delegation (2020)
Tour of the brewing technology with the Thai delegation (2020)
International networking and activities based on the international project sites of the IMLA (2001–2020)
'Envisioning cross-border landscapes between Austria, Slovakia, Hungary' – IMLA students awarded 2nd place at LE:NOTRE Student Competition (2020)
International rectors’ conference 'International Future Day' (2019)
Grant for the 'Bavarian-Ethiopian Alliance' project is presented by State Minister Dr Florian Herrmann (2019)
The Biomass Institute presents the findings of a HSWT research project at the AGROSYM conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019)
Awards are given to the best graduates on the postgraduate course from Tunisia, Malawi, Zambia and Ghana (2019)
HSWT delegation with the Armenian Education Minister Arayik Harutyunyan, Vice Minister Arevik Anapiosyan and Vardan Urutyan, the Rector of the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) (2019)
Erasmus+ workshop 'Biogas from biomass' at the Triesdorf campus strengthens the international collaboration between partner universities (2019)
Target agreements are signed by the Bavarian Minister for Science Bernd Sibler and HSWT President Dr Eric Veulliet (2019)
Training and research in the biggest ancient beech forest in Europe: HSWT signs trilateral agreement in Romania (2019)
Guest lecturer Federico Koelle from Ecuador gives a talk about the protection of mangrove forests on the Pacific coast (2019)
Launch event for the Training Pact with Africa (2019)
The Federal Ministry for Scientific Collaboration and Development sponsors training and further education for African students (2019)
Agreement is signed by Prof. Dr Carsten Lorz (HSWT) and Muhammad Ibrahim (CATIE) in Costa Rica (2019)
International TOPAS workshop at HSWT’s Triesdorf campus (2019)
International TOPAS workshop: combination of theory and practice (2019)
Meeting of representatives of MCI Austria and HSWT (2019)
Annual international UNIcert® workshop for foreign language teachers at the HSWT Language Centre (2018)
Foreign language teachers exchange ideas at the annual international UNIcert® workshop (2018)
Attendees on the first day of the international 'Digital Landscape Architecture' conference (2018)
Postgraduate course participants from Africa are awarded their degree certificates by Federal Development Minister Dr Gerd Müller (2018)
Tri-national meeting (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) of EU Research Associates in Freising (2018)
Russian delegation learns about Bavaria’s organic farming industry at HSWT (2018)
Green light for an international project on nature conservation and appreciation in Bavaria and the Czech Republic (2018)
Innovative agricultural technologies for Africa: HSWT collaborates with the Federal Ministry for Development (2017)
Federal Development Minister Dr Gerd Müller and HSWT agree sponsorship for students and research projects in Africa (2017)
6th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum in Weihenstephan 'Inclusive Landscapes in the North of Munich' – excursion by 'Recreation and Tourism' working group (2017)
IMLA students awarded 1st and 4th place at LE:NOTRE Institute Student Competition (2017)
Triesdorf International Evening (2016)
30 students from 18 different countries begin the 'International Master of Landscape Architecture' master’s programme (2015)
15 years of IMLA: Signing of the new IMLA cooperation agreement by Prof. Andreas Frey, Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences (left) and Prof. Wolf-Dieter Rommel, HSWT (right) (2016)
15 years of IMLA: Specialist excursion to the inner-city River Isar in Munich (2016)
Erasmus+ regional meeting at HSWT (2015)
'Sustainability and forestry' research project – Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin, USA (2015)
HSWT welcomes the Chinese delegation to Triesdorf (2014)
Research project on patterns of diversity in low mountain ranges – Malaga, Spain (2014)
BDLA Awards for IMLA graduates – Wetland El Burro in Bogotá by Natalia Vergara (2014)
The cooperation agreement with the Mongolian State University for Agriculture is renewed (2014)
International rectors’ conference to restore the International Agricultural Network (2013)
SPACES SGD research project in South Africa – viticulture in the Stellenbosch region (2013)
Guest students from Burundi in Triesdorf (2013)
MOOC competition: award for the international master’s degree programme in Agricultural Management at HSWT (2013)
Meeting of the working group for the 'Wind energy on the Bavarian/Czech border' research project is held in the 'summerhouse' at HSWT (2012)
Closing ceremony of the EU Teach project, involving Germany, England and Hungary (2010)
Digital exposure seminar on "Food Processing and Technology" with participants from Ethiopia, Benin, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia and India (2020)
Graduate George Opare Asare from Ghana from the postgraduate course receives an award at the international "Tropical Day" conference for his project idea for the marketing of cashew apples (2020)
The participants of the virtual kick-off meeting of the Bavarian-Ethiopian Alliance For Applied Sciences (2020)


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